How to Maximize the Space of Your Small Kitchen

Regardless of the kitchen’s size, it can be pretty hard to ensure that everything is in place. And organizing stuff is even more challenging in a small kitchen. But with a few tweaks, anything is possible. You can maximize your small kitchen and ensure that all kitchen tools have a respective space.

Read below to find out how to maximize your small kitchen. This article will help you make the most out of every inch of your tiny cooking area.

Wall Storage

Instead of using tabletop storage, opt for wall storage. You can store your knives, hand towels, cookware, utensils on shelves, and rails that you can buy in your local shop. Ditch the bulky knife rack you have to free up your counter space. Doing so will ensure that you get to organize your kitchen stuff without the need for ample organizers. Plus, it will make navigating the kitchen much more manageable.

Use the Space Around the Fridge

If there are spaces around your fridge, you can consider building a rolling pantry. You can buy one from a local shop or opt for a DIY one. What’s great about a DIY pantry is that you can design and paint it however you want. You can even unleash the hidden artist in you by painting it nicely to match your kitchen aesthetics.

Folding Kitchen Table

A folding kitchen table can be a lifesaver if you don’t have enough floor space. This furniture provides an area where you can prepare food and eat without the need for too much floor space. You can fold away the table when not in use to maximize the space it occupies.

Pro tip: Opt for a foldable table that you can attach to your wall, so you don’t need to find a new storage space.

small kitchen

Hanging Cabinets

Opting for hanging or wall kitchen cabinets is a great way to save space. It will only occupy a few areas on your wall, and they do need any space on the floor. You can use your wall cabinets for various purposes, such as storage for cookware, plates, groceries, stocks, and more. It’s much better to install the cabinets on your counter, so cooking stuff is easier to reach.

Cutting Board Over the Sink

If your cooking area is too cramped, you may use an over-the-sink cutting board, which you can buy online or in your local shops. Indeed, a kitchen island is much better, but a cutting board that you can attach to the sink can be a quick fix if you don’t have enough floor space. It serves its purpose without taking up too much space. Plus, it gives you closer access to the faucet so you can wash your hands.

Pantry in a Nearby Room

Sometimes, a kitchen is just too small that no matter how hard you try to maximize the space, it’s still not enough. But fret not because you can always use any extra space in your house that’s accessible to the kitchen.

If you need more space for groceries, you can build a closet or nook in the empty room beside your kitchen. Here, you can store kitchen tools you barely use, such as those you need for special occasions only. You can place a full-sized cabinet, a mini one, or a wood shelf that you can cover with curtains.

Use Kitchen Corners

Don’t waste any space you have, and make sure to utilize everything, such as the kitchen corners. Many homeowners tend to neglect the use of corner spaces. However, installing corner shelves can make these empty spots useful if you run out of room for your things. Corner shelves are usually perfect for the storage of condiments.

Opt for Smaller Appliances

Bigger appliances can take up too much space. If your kitchen is small, it’s much better to buy small-sized machines. For instance, opt for an electric stove instead of buying a full-sized stove with an oven. You can place this appliance on top of your counter. Buy a small-sized oven which you can put in a small corner.

Hang Your Essentials

You don’t always need to buy storage for your essentials. Sometimes, hanging them on one wall is so much better as it allows you to save space and have easy access to them. Just make sure to hang them neatly, so they would still look aesthetic and chic.

Apartment living is becoming more popular these days. But of course, it comes with a few disadvantages, such as small spaces. Tiny kitchens are common dilemmas for people who live in apartments. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you make the most out of your small space.

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