Why Travelling with Your Partner Reveals a Lot About Them

Travelling is back on track again, and plenty of people are likely planning their next trip. This is a perfect time to check out food deals¬†or interesting getaways in Asia, especially in Singapore. Whatever plans you’re having, you may want to consider tagging along with your partner for a long vacation.

Whatever stage you are in your relationship, travelling opens a lot of opportunities for couples. To know more about these, here are some reasons why it’s great to travel with your partner and what it reveals about them.

It improves intimacy

They say couples who travel often have far better intimate lives than those who don’t. In relationships, intimacy doesn’t simply stop in the bedroom. It can mean many things, from understanding each other, being closer, enjoying each other’s company, and being in love.

According to a survey by the U.S. Travel Association, travel deepens intimacy and ignites romance among couples. The respondents of the survey believe travelling is more effective to spark romance than giving gifts, whether big or small.

Even a brief weekend getaway or a long vacation can make a big difference in improving romance in the relationship. In fact, 38% of the survey respondents witness significant improvements in their relationships after their vacation.

Whether it’s the relaxation, the adventure, or the time spent together you’re after, travelling with your partner is the best way to bring you closer together.

It allows you to get to know your partner

Amid all the fun and enjoyment of travelling, planning itself can be stressful. This applies to couples who constantly travel on a budget and hunt for cheap travel options.

The stress involved in travelling allows you to test their character on how they respond and handle tough situations. In regular dating, you always see them putting their best foot forward and all their agreeable qualities. But when travelling, you’ll see how they respond to unusual situations, such as delayed flights, a lost item, medical emergencies, or cancelled accommodations. These are the moments you can test whether they will throw a panic frenzy or quick temper over little things.

You can indeed see the real personality of an individual when placed under serious stress. Ever wonder how your partner will likely handle financial stresses, married life, children, and other life issues? Travelling offers all the answers you’re seeking. In turn, these situations will help you judge a person’s character better.

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It tells whether the person is dependable

Travelling with someone or in groups will test partnerships and the ability to work together as a team. It is a shared responsibility of all people involved. There’s always someone who is assigned with the flight booking, accommodation, belongings, itinerary, and food trips.

Travelling helps you determine the role your partner plays in your life. Are they capable of taking control or stepping up in challenging situations? Can you always depend on them during the bad times?

It reveals how they behave outside their comfort zone

When travelling with a partner, there are a lot of chances you’ll see them step outside their comfort zone. You will witness how they respond to particular challenges beyond their normal routine. Do they enjoy learning different languages and cultures? Do they embrace and respect people from other walks of life?

Learning how they behave outside their comfort zone is an excellent way to determine whether they are a suitable life partner. You want someone who is open to various possibilities and knows how to respect other people.

It establishes trust

Trusting your partner to get the groceries every weekend is part of relationship building. But nothing compares with relying upon their financial skills for a budget-friendly trip.

Long-term travelling with your partner puts both of you in tight situations where you have to rely on each other’s instincts. As a result, working towards a common goal becomes easier and more efficient. You’ll be even surprised that there are situations where you have to completely trust their judgement and surrender your own.

It teaches you to compromise

It’s normal for two people to want different things or approach the same situation from different angles. This is why travelling with your partner is a must; you learn the value of learning how to compromise.

Together, both of you have to create an agreement on how to budget, which places to visit, and how to reach a particular destination. In the process, you learn what your partner values and vice versa. You may find yourself lucky if both of you like the same things.

Travelling reveals a lot about relationships, particularly your partner’s values, behaviour, and other special attributes. If the time and budget allow, encourage your partner to go on a long trip and see them on a whole different level.

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