Interesting Facts About Home Burglaries and Effective Ways to Prevent Them

Maintaining a safe home is one of the most important priorities for any homeowner. Unfortunately, home burglaries and break-ins are far more common than many people think. A 2017 crime statistics report from the FBI, in fact, states that there are almost three burglaries every minute in the United States. A lot of people still have the old-fashioned image of a burglar in a black stocking cap tiptoeing their way around the house at night. Quite the opposite, here are some surprising burglary facts that people need to understand:

  1. Most burglaries happen not during midnight but between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  2. In this context, burglaries are more frequent during summer when there are more daylight hours.
  3. Burglars head straight to the bedroom.
  4. It takes a burglar an average of 8 to 12 minutes to get in and out of the house.
  5. A victim is present 30% of the time during a burglary.

Home burglaries and break-ins are much easier to prevent by following a few simple safety habits:

Never advertise that no one is at home

The hallmark of a good home security measure is one that keeps homes safe whether or not the owners are at home or away. One popular measure among homeowners is cozying up to the neighbors to pick up their mail or mow their lawn whenever they are on holiday. Piles of newspapers in the driveway or overgrown turf is noticeable even to passersby, so it would be much easier for burglars to spot these changes. Burglars are even known to mark houses with flyers or stickers, usually leaving them on the door to see if they have been removed and determine whether the houses are guarded or not.

Secure the home properly

Statistics show that at least 34% of burglars break in through the front door, while 23% enter through the first-floor windows. Aside from installing a home alarm system, which offers extensive security services, there are several other measures that can provide homeowners with the added home security and peace of mind before they leave for an extended vacation. Installing pick-proof deadbolts and door reinforcement hardware can help stop burglars in their tracks when trying to enter a property through the front door. Another measure to beef up security is to install window security film and durable custom motorized blinds that not only protect the windows from shattering but also block the view of a house’s interior.

Beware of what is shared online

using social media

Social media has transformed the way of lives for many people. It has become a platform where users publish their lives and share their personal information online. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that this creates the ideal opportunity for burglars to locate their next potential victims. Posting about an upcoming trip or even casual mentions of a new work schedule or an event can offer important clues to burglars who have been scouting a neighborhood. It provides them with a homeowner’s routine and lets them know when a house is left empty.

Cases of burglaries, with social media being cited as a contributing factor, are often reported on the news. The more widely reported cases involve celebrities and those in the public eye as they often publish their whereabouts online.

Statistics show that 65% of burglaries occur during the day to reduce the chances of a homeowner being around. Having a home security system is one of the best ways to protect a house from being broken into. Employing these additional safety precautions will further ensure a house’s safety measures, especially for homeowners planning a long holiday away.

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