Transform Your Front Porch with These Design Ideas

Did you know that the average return of investment for a good porch is at 84%? With the right design and functionality, you can add value to your home and amass wealth by simply transforming your patio. Curious? Here’s how.


Awnings help protect you and your house from too much sun. They also protect your paint, furniture, and carpets from fading due to sun damage. And, of course, it helps keep your home cool by preventing sun rays from bouncing off around your windows and walls. So installing one doesn’t only increase the home’s value; it also makes it more appealing.

Today, technology has upgraded them so that people can now enjoy motorized awnings that are retractable. This way, you can transform your porch any time you want. For example, you put furniture and decorations outside and protect them from the weather. You can also welcome more sun by retracting the awnings.

Outdoor Living Room

Having an outdoor living room is one of the ways you can enjoy additional living space. In addition, research shows that outdoor spaces help with your mental health. The reason is that studies show people often relax and find more peace when outside.

An outdoor living room will give you access to the garden and the fresh breeze while you can relax comfortably on a sofa. It’s a place for entertainment not only for you but for your family and friends, too. Here, you can socialize and have to play, talk, and cultivate meaningful relationships.

More importantly, an outdoor adds value to the home. It’s one way to increase home equity, amass wealth, and make your property more appealing to prospective buyers. It’s easily one of the ways you can transform the design and function of your home.

Outdoor Furniture

Exterior covered patio

If you’re considering an outdoor living room, you might want to invest in valuable outdoor furniture pieces. For example, modern furniture that can elevate your outdoor living room can be sectional sofas, outdoor coffee tables, love seats, and armchairs. Of course, you may also have an outdoor dining set.

Of course, don’t forget accessories and furnishings. Invest in rugs and outdoor carpets. And of course, you have to consider the material. One of the favorites is wooden furniture because they add warmth and a welcoming personality to the outdoor living room.

If you want more durable outdoor furniture, you might want to invest in metal. Metallic furniture is the most robust and most durable material for the outdoors. You might also want to invest in rust-resistant stainless steel because they don’t rust quickly and have an excellent finish.


Decorations make your porch and home more welcoming. They can also be a means to help you express yourself. And often, the decorations you put on your patio increase the appeal of your home. Let’s talk about some things you can place.

If you want to add a burst of color, you can use hanging baskets and fill them with flowers and greens. You can also use urns, potted plants, and flowers. This will add a natural charm to your porch.

If you want to try to play with other materials, you can try investing in wall arts. Steel wall arts are particularly popular because they have striking appeal, have multiple functions, and lasts very long. If you want to add some personality, you can find some good pieces in the thrift store.


Lighting is essential not only for aesthetics but also for function. For starters, having lights on your porch adds a level of security. It can deter trespassers and other threats from approaching your front door. Experts recommend that you should keep the lights on, especially when you’re not home.

One of the basic things you should know about lighting is that too much causes headaches, and too little will drown out your energy. You want to strike the proper balance. One of the ways to achieve this balance is to layer the lights on your porch. You may want a set of lanterns along the pathways, too.

If you want to showcase your porch, you might add some architectural lights that show the columns and doorway arch. Another technique might be to have bigger windows so that when you turn the light on at night, it passes through the glass and illuminates the porch. And if you have some pieces of furniture or decoration you want to highlight, you might want to invest in spotlights.

You can make the most out of a porch but transforming it into a living space. This way, you have more freedom to use for appliances and furniture, as well as more places to hang out in. It also adds value and security to your home. Transform your porch today!

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