Should Your Baby Have Their Own Bedroom Already?

The decision of giving kids their own bedrooms depends on parental styles. While there are parents who are more comfortable having their kids with them in their bedrooms, some think that their kids should learn to be independent at an early age. Of course, the circumstances of the household also affect your decision. If you have a bedroom to spare for your child’s own room, then so be it. But if there’s no extra bedroom, you have to carve one for your kid or change your living situation.

Using a spiral staircase from Canberra or other cities, you can create a loft atop your living room or kitchen. This is the simplest and cheapest way to create extra space in your house for your child. Make sure to have a divider for the area of the loft where your kid will be sleeping. Even if no one can see the loft from below, your child needs privacy when sleeping and changing clothes.

When Is the Right Time?

Ideally, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies stay in their parents’ room until they are one year old. This lowers the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which, until now, has no clear cause. It also makes it easier for parents to reach for their children if they need to be breastfed. Again, breastfeeding reduces SIDS by as much as 70%.

But there is growing evidence that it is harder for parents to separate their children once they turn a year old because separation anxiety begins. Their children throw tantrums at the thought of being separated from their parents. The study says that babies can be transferred to their own room as early as four months old. They, in fact, sleep better when they are in their own bedrooms. The parents’ activities at night such as watching television or talking distract the baby from a long sleep.

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Babies who have their own bedroom by their fourth month also have better sleeping patterns. They’re in bed by 8 PM. Also, it’s important to note that parents need to rest. They can do that better when their children are not in the room with them. The parents’ mental and emotional well-being is important for the development of the family.

As parents, make sure that you can monitor the baby from your own room. A baby monitor would certainly help, as well as a CCTV camera. You can also stay in connected bedrooms. If there’s only one door separating your rooms, that makes it easier for you to soothe or feed them.

Parents worry all the time about leaving their kids in their own bedrooms. Maybe they’ll fall off their cribs. Maybe they’ll cry, and you won’t hear them. When they are older, you’ll worry about who they’re talking to on their phones or whether they’re sleeping or chatting with a friend.

You have to trust your child and the way you have raised them. You, of all people, know who your kid is. Even babies have their own temperaments. If you don’t think that your baby is ready to be left alone, then try again next month. If your baby has grown up sleeping with you, then so be it. In time, they’ll be the ones to ask for their own room.

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