Minimalist Bedroom Revamp: Achieving a Calmer, Cleaner Space

The minimalist design has grown from an aesthetic trend into a lifestyle choice. It is about being intentional with the things or products we consume and eliminating the stuff that either distracts or doesn’t matter to us. While being a minimalist revolves around living with less, this doesn’t mean it restricts you from living the life you want. It’s about learning the real important things in life.

The concept of minimalism can be applied in various aspects of life, like your home. A good place to start is your bedroom—the room where you rest and relax before starting your busy day. By creating a minimalist bedroom, you can have a serene retreat for yourself, free from distractions. Here are some tips from us on how you can go minimal with your bedroom.

Cut the clutter first

No matter what style or design you’re going for, cleaning the clutter is a must-do. Getting rid of excess stuff in your bedroom won’t just help you envision the new décor and style you want to go for, but also give yourself a space to breathe and think clearly. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind.

Start with your wardrobes and get rid of clothes you rarely or no longer wear. You can sell or donate them. For items that are left, neatly tucked them away in your dressers and closets. One trick to keep your surfaces clean is to have landing pads for magazines, devices, or any knickknacks.

Embrace natural light

Natural light is one of the most recommended design elements for any type of space for good reasons. First, it provides amazing health benefits such as warding off seasonal depression, improving sleep, boosting vitamin D, and reducing the risk of eye strain and migraine caused by fluorescent lighting.

In terms of creating your minimalist bedroom, you won’t necessarily need those heavy curtains and all kinds of artificial lighting when you welcome the natural light. It can make your space more airy and open than it looks.

Use neutral bedding

Let’s talk about your bedding first. To achieve a cleaner and airy look, purchase bed sheets, comforters, blankets, and pillows in neutral and plain colors. Want to create a more soothing and fresher bedroom look? Soft, white split comforters and bed sheets are great options. White bedding is available in most online shops.

Plain ones are even typically cheaper than colored and printed bedding, which is a budget-friendly way to go minimal. If you want to have more volume and comfort in your space, you can add chunky fleece blankets and throws. You can bring in a pop of colors into your bedroom lamps or tables if you want to.

bed frame with LED lights

Go for a simple bed frame

Bed frames are often ignored when recreating bedroom interiors. To achieve a minimalist look, build or buy a frame that is simple, classy, and blends in with your color palette. Avoid ones that are too jarring in texture and color, or too decorative. The safest choice to go with is light wood. It can infuse cozy and rustic vibes as its earthy look smoothly contrast bare walls. Avoid using dark wood as it can give off heaviness into the space. Bed frames without headboards and big edges are a perfect choice.

Add some plants

Houseplants are beautiful and healthy additions you can bring into your minimalist bedroom. They can be as stunning as other decorative items, helping you brighten up that neutral color scheme and gives off that earthy vibes into the entire space. What’s even more amazing is that houseplants can help reduce stress levels, leaving you feeling soothed and comfortable.

Other than that indoor plants are also known to help in sharpening our attention, boosting productivity, and improving mood. And the best part? They can improve indoor air quality. Some of the best houseplants you can get include spider plant, Ficus tree, Boston fern, English ivy, Flamingo Lily, bamboo palm, and snake plant.

Keep the wall space bare

Since we’re somewhat following the principle of the bare minimum, why not apply it to your walls? You can make it completely bare or go easy on those wall trinkets. As much as you can, avoid populating your vertical space with random art pieces, shelves, or photographs. This can help you achieve a cleaner, more spacious-looking area, which is more ideal if you have a low-ceiling bedroom.

Less stuff, more space—that’s what you need in your fortress of solace. Without the mess, clutter, and all those dust in your bedroom, you can have a peaceful and calming environment that allows you to sleep better and makes you healthier. Use these tips and start freeing up your space and living a happier, more intentional life.

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