How to Live a Minimalist Lifestyle

Everywhere you look, you will see countless advertisements urging you to buy things you presumably need. From a new pair of shoes to entertainment units to clothes, it seems as though there’s not a day that we’re not persuaded to spend our hard-earned money on these things. If you have the funds to purchase all of them, then, by all means, indulge yourself.

However, we’re here to remind you that buying stuff you don’t need is not just a problem for your wallet but your home as well. Before you buy that adorable action figure, ask yourself this question; “Do I have the space for this?”

More often than not, we buy things we don’t have space for. To make matters worse, our homes are already maxed out and full of things we don’t usually use. What if we tell you that there’s one solution that can solve this problem? That’s through minimalism.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is the latest lifestyle trend that the youth and the older generation are adopting nowadays. It exists on the principle that less is more, or there is beauty in simplicity. The thing about a minimalist lifestyle is it doesn’t just beautify your home, but it also brings lots of other benefits.

When you buy too many things you don’t need or use often, it takes up space in your home, and sooner or later, your living spaces will be messy. This visual clutter can significantly affect your mental well-being and cognitive functioning in ways you can’t imagine.

By lessening the number of items you have and organizing them properly, your home will be more comfortable to the eye. However, it’s important to note that minimalism is not always as easy as it sounds. There are lots of things you have to consider if you wish to declutter your home and beautify it. Don’t worry. We’ll help you through this process.

Minimalist Living

Living a minimalist lifestyle is perhaps the only thing that’s missing from your home. If you often find yourself stressed out with all the stuff lying around, or you don’t always know where certain things are, then you may want to follow the things we’ve listed below for a fresh start.

moving furniture

Back to Square One

Speaking of a fresh start, the first thing you need to do to adopt a minimalist lifestyle is to go back to square one. This is also the hardest part of minimalism. We don’t mean that you have to let go of everything you currently own and buy new ones. That would be extremely expensive. What you need to do is to start in a certain area of your home, like your kitchen, and remove everything. Identify how you can maximize the space you have and determine which ones you need.

Lose What You Don’t Use

Now that we’ve mentioned it, you should probably lose everything that you don’t use. You can try using the 90-Day Rule when decluttering. It states that if you haven’t used it for the past 90 days, and you have a feeling that you won’t use it for the next three months, then it’s probably safe to let go of them. This includes everything from cleaning agents, broken appliances, and most importantly, your clothes and shoes.

Maximize Space at Home

The great thing about minimalism is that you can adopt this lifestyle even if you live in a small apartment. You wouldn’t have lots of things at home, but it would still look appealing. You can do that by maximizing your floor space. This is possible through the use of vertical or upright storage spaces, utilizing wall shelves, and replacing your doors. Most doors open and close using a hinge, and this mechanism is not really a space-saver. Try and look for professional services to replace them with stylish barn doors to save space. This type of door uses a wheel mechanism which means you can slide your doors to the side when closing or opening them.

Acquire Less

The most important thing you need to learn in minimalism is to refrain from impulse buying or unnecessary purchases. Saving up space in your home just to bring in more stuff is counterproductive. If you think something is adorable, but you don’t really need it, then it’s best to leave your wallet inside your pocket. Acquiring less is still the best principle of minimalism.

We are constantly bombarded with tempting advertisements that make the line between needs and wants a bit blurry. However, you must always know the importance of minimalism in your life. This type of lifestyle will save you lots of money and provide you with the mental clarity you need in these trying times.

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