Why Parents Find It Hard to Encourage Kids to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Health and wellness are the main priorities of parents for their children. But then, not all kids are living a healthy and active lifestyle. Some kids lack the motivation to stay active. Others find it hard to embrace healthy eating habits. But most of the time, the decisions parents make further encourage kids to live a not-so-healthy lifestyle.

For one, failure to incorporate healthy habits through a routine can motivate kids to do whatever they want. It is important that parents establish a healthy routine early on so that kids will find it natural to eating healthy foods, exercise regularly, and avoid unhealthy habits. But there are other mistakes parents make that often lead to kids making the wrong health choices.

Not Giving Kids the Chance to Make Decisions

Many parents think that they are responsible for every decision concerning their kids simply because they are adults. But then, kids should have a say in decisions involving them. Parents should let kids make certain decisions to encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle.

For instance, you want your kids to be active so you sign them up for activities you chose yourself. But failure to consider their interests and not asking them what they want to experience won’t help in motivating them to participate. They may only end up quitting early on because they are not really into the activities you chose for them.

The same goes when choosing outfits for their desired sports. Let’s say your kids are into skiing so you already made plans for the holidays. Instead of simply choosing their outfits without consulting them, show a collection of Spyder snow pants for boys within your price range to make them more excited to go skiing.

You Are Not Spending Quality Time With Them


When was the last time you spend time with the kids without constantly checking your emails or aimlessly browsing on social media? Even if you are working from home and you are virtual with the kids 24/7, that is not the true definition of quality time. How you spend your time with them matters more than the amount of time you have to be with the kids.

Remember that you are your kid’s first role model. Mindlessly scrolling on your phone while eating with the family, while out on a holiday, or even during family time teaches kids that mindless habits are okay. So, instead of focusing on what they eat and spending quality time with the family, they would rather be on their gadgets.

As much as possible, eradicate distractions when spending quality time with the kids. Prepare healthy meals and show them how to eat mindfully. When out having fun with the kids, join in the fun and engage in activities they enjoy doing.

Overdoing Activities With the Children

Some parents would dedicate their time playing sports and other outdoor activities their kids like doing. But what they are doing wrong is they overdo every activity. Remember that even if kids have so much energy to burn, they also require enough rest and sleep to recover.

If your child is already tired, and they’ve been playing or exercising for quite some time now, make sure to encourage them to rest. If they are already training to be athletes of their preferred sports, always remind them to listen to their body and take as much break as they need. Don’t allow them to overexert themselves or else they will end up sick.

Talk to their pediatrician about the kind of activities your kids are into. They can recommend the best diet to ensure your kids get the right nutrition based on their current needs. Kids sometimes need your constant reminder and support to make sure they don’t overexert themselves with physical activities.

Giving Kids Mixed Signals

It is one thing to prepare meals that are healthy and colorful. But if you often fill your pantry with unhealthy snacks, you are only confusing kids by giving them different options. It is worth considering the whole picture to give kids consistent cues instead of simply telling them to eat what’s on the table.

Chances are, your little ones already know why they need healthy food. But then, you often give in to their comfort food cravings that you always have unhealthy treats in your grocery list. The earlier you establish ground rules, the easier it will be for them to adopt healthy eating habits.

The same goes for gadget use. You might be telling them not to spend too much time on their tablets. But if you do the same and you don’t limit their screen time, you are only confusing them with what you say versus what you show them.

You are your kids’ role models. If we want our kids to be healthy, then we must show how it is done. Stop confusing kids with mixed signals and make sure you mean what you say and do as you say. Give them the chance to play part in decisions concerning them. Also, make sure you spend quality time while showing how you try to be healthy yourself.

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