Practical Ways to Increase Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Saving up to finally own your property took years of hard work. But, the spending does not permanently end to maintain its market value especially if you’re leaving open the option to sell it in the future. It’s a no-brainer that a property’s value is often based on its curb appeal, a pristine quality that your property holds that should reflect what is inside.

It is, therefore, important to keep it in its tip-top condition, if not upgrade it to existing design trends. But, many may not have all the luxury of time, energy, and money to commit to this. Here are some savvy ways you can do this without hurting your savings or spending so much energy:

Bedazzle Your Walkway

You may find your walkway presentable enough. Whether it’s made of clay bricks, natural stone, or gravel and all with different hues, you know the material you chose best complements the house design you had in mind. But, there are ways you can better emphasize its beauty so that even bystanders would take notice.

One of those is adding lights. There are many types of walkway lights, but perhaps the best-looking you could install with the least effort is solar-powered ones because you wouldn’t have to go through all the trouble digging your lawn and inserting electrical wirings. Solar-powered lights come in different designs, the easiest to install among which have pointed bottom tips which you can simply poke into your lawn.

These are easily found in hardware stores and are relatively cheap. Besides, it wouldn’t contribute to your electricity consumption, therefore, increasing your monthly expense. Also, they emit light as bright as those hooked to the power making for a well-illuminated walkway in the evening.

Still, you have to carefully layout where each light will be placed so that the walkway is evenly lit throughout. You can also take some more and install them by your patio, planters, and bushes to further beautify your house’s night view.

Sharpen the Hedges’ Edges

Hedges that are left to lose their original shape automatically give onlookers the impression that the property is not properly maintained. The same is true for other landscaping greenery like bushes and trees. The most fool-proof way to keep people from thinking this is by shearing these plants every so often.

But, if you do not have all the time in the world to commit to this task, you can always invest in a good electric pruning shear set. Typically, the set comes with a cordless handheld module and complementary corrosion-resistant blade attachments you can choose from depending on how tough the bushes you are going to cut are. But, perhaps the highlight feature of electric pruning shears is that, unlike manual shears, they are more convenient to use and leaves your arm with no strain after.

Trim your hedges as low as you want to allow people’s line of sight into your property. Do this with as much ease in reshaping bushes to your liking. Of course, you will have to sweep clean your lawn of fallen leaves because dried ones are not pleasant to see.

Expand Your Frontyard’s Seating Area

A living space that goes beyond the four corners of a house automatically wins people’s hearts. Sometimes, it’s best to unwind on your porch or garden on a comfortable couch or lounge chair that’s open to fresh air and natural light. But, wouldn’t it be nice if you can make it more inviting especially for prospective buyers who may be inclined to hosting social events?

You can do this by first, of course, freeing up your patio or front yard space of visual clutter such as objects intended for keeping in the garage such as gardening implements and toys that don’t get played with often. Then, install chairs that match the existing ones and adorn the space with homey elements such as hanging plants, throw pillows covered with decorative patterns, and centerpieces such as scented candles in the middle of the lounge table.

If you’re worried that sunlight could be harsh during the warmer seasons in your area, you can extend the shade of your patio to your front yard with the help of a professionally built garden pergola with adjustable louvers. The same could shield guests from the rain for an uninterrupted fun gathering.

Restore the Doors and Window Frames

Years since your house was built, it could show its age through faded or chipped paint on the exterior. This could be more apparent on the door and window frames being subject to the most manual abuse. To help increase your house’s market value, you could do a simple recoating job using fade-resistant paint even when cleaned or faced with harsh sunlight for long periods.

You can also replace your doors’ and windows’ knobs, knockers, and levers with sleek-finished and corrosion-resistant ones. You can do this after repainting so the hardware doesn’t get paint on them.

You may think maintaining your front yard is such a daunting task. But, if you consider this as something to improve your house’s ambiance, therefore, improving your overall disposition and not just the impression other people have of your house, this could be a rewarding thing to do. You can put your heart into it, reflect your personality on your designs, and arrive at impressive results.

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