Creating a Hangout Space in Your House

Where do you hang out in your house? The bedroom? The living room? These rooms are not exactly meant for hanging out; the kind of hanging out we’re imagining is the one outdoors. But since the pandemic has essentially stopped all our travel and “hangout” ideas (and it looks like we might have to suspend any plans for now), it’s time to transform your outdoors into something that you, your family, and the few friends you let inside your house can hang out in.

Outdoor Kitchen

The ultimate hangout space is an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. How big you want it to be will depend, of course, on the available space you have. If you do not have space, you can open up your actual kitchen by removing walls and installing sliding doors. In the evening, when the weather permits it, open wide the slide doors. That will make you feel as if you’re cooking outdoors.

Bar Space

If you want to entertain friends and family (and yourself), there’s nothing better than creating an outdoor bar space. It’s a great way to stay cool during the summer. You don’t need a super elegant bar for this project. All you need is a high counter, bar stools, and a display of different liquors and wines. It will be nice to have a TV so that you can catch your favorite sports.

Rooftop Deck

Those who do not have enough space in the backyard can look upward. Maximizing vertical space is a practical choice for homeowners. A rooftop deck is one of the best hangout spaces you can create at home. You’ll be looking over your neighborhood as you sip a cold bottle of beer. Isn’t that a dream? But to make sure that it will last long, you need waterproofing for your concrete deck.

Tree House

Which kid didn’t dream of having a tree house? It was a good hangout spot back when you were nine. It is still a good hangout space now that you’re in your 30s or 40s. As long as you can climb that ladder, a tree house is a good option for a cool hangout spot. This isn’t only for you, though, since your kids are going to go gaga over it. Okay, so maybe the tree house is for the kids and not exactly for you.


Pool Deck

The pool deck is probably the most common option for a cool hangout spot at home. Of course, it’s only possible if you have an existing pool already. Outdoor umbrellas and recliner seats work great for a pool deck. You can grab a bottle of cold beer after a long day at work. On weekends, you can finish a report or read a book on the pool deck. And yes, it’s also easier to entertain guests on the pool deck rather than have them inside your home.


You can make pergolas from different materials, although wooden pergolas are the most popular since they blend well with the environment. Make sure that your yard has enough space for a pergola since there is no point in building a tiny pergola. It will just feel cramped when it’s supposed to be a great hangout space outdoors. Pergolas can house several features such as privacy walls and trellis roofs. If you don’t want your neighbors peeping into your tiny sanctuary, you can let ivy plants crawl on the walls of the pergola.


This is the easiest outdoor hangout space to install. You don’t even need a contractor to make a firepit at home. There are firepit kits you can get from the local garden and hardware store. If that is not available, you can make your own using bricks, stones, and wood. You can then enjoy all the smores you want. Especially great during winter, firepits are a sure win for kids and kids at heart.

Water Feature

There is something about water that just calms the mind. If you want a hangout space in your house, a water feature is probably the best option there is. However, not everybody has the money and space to have a pool. The next best thing to a pool is a water feature such as a fountain or any cascading water for that matter or a pond. The sound of water is relaxing, so you can also put a small recliner and table beside the water feature.

You can turn your home’s outdoor space into a great hangout space. Don’t let the pandemic imprison you in your own home. Some of these projects will need professional contractors, while some of which you can do on your own.

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