The Ingenious Homeowner: Four Upgrades to Improve Your Home

For some people, running a household like a well-oiled machine is their pride and joy. This is because keeping everything functional and in their right places is already a full-time job. But some homeowners readily go above and beyond to make their homes truly exceptional.

This is evident in the number of smart homes, renovations, flipped houses, or even DIY remodeling that usually becomes the talk of the town on social media platforms. Of course, not everyone has the time nor budget to make this possible, and it can often lead to envy.

Luckily, people innately creative and have found ingenious ways to improve their homes without breaking their bank. The range of innovative home upgrades is really broad, some dating back to age-old techniques while some utilize the power of technology. Here are four ingenious upgrades that you can do for your home:

Upgrade #1: Dual-function Siding

It’s not a secret that nothing is permanent in this world, especially the outside of your house. This is because your house is continuously exposed to the elements, extreme weather conditions, natural calamities, as well as eventual wear and tear. All those external factors contribute to the gradual degradation of your house’s foundation.

That’s why it’s important to conduct routine maintenance once in a while to make sure that everything is working okay. The constant exposure to the elements is particularly harsh on your house’s exterior paint job, which is why you should consider installing some dual-function siding.

You can hire siding contractors to ensure that the job will be done perfectly. With durable siding, not only will you be making your house look more visually appealing, but you will also be adding a protective and insulating layer to your home. The siding can help you regulate a stable environment within your home.

Upgrade #2: Automated Sprinkler Systemsprinkler

When you have a garden or backyard in your home, it’s your duty to make sure that your grass and plants are receiving enough water throughout the day. The manner of watering depends on your preferences, but the usual method will either be through sprinklers or a manual garden hose.

Sprinklers are perfect for when you don’t have enough room in your schedule to fit in the task of watering your plants. Most sprinklers can be scheduled so that they can automatically turn on and off without the need for human supervision. But sprinklers have more potential than you think.

Today’s smart technology paved the way for the creation of automated sprinkler systems which can easily be managed from your device. It can also track weather conditions through your location data, which means it can create a personalized system based on your local rain, wind, and humidity levels.

Upgrade #3: Multipurpose Staircase

Of course, staircases are already very functional because it creates a bridge between your first and second floors at home. Without a good staircase, it will be impossible for you to access anything that isn’t on the first floor. But there is an untapped potential in your staircase: additional storage space.

You can easily turn that unused space into a bookshelf for all your books, documents, and other files. It’s possible to go the DIY route and add shelving to the underside of your staircase. But you could also go the much-safer route and hire experts to do the work for you.

Another option that you have for your staircase is to create drawers or cabinets to fit your commonly used items. For instance, you can have a coat rack built into the cabinets or a shoe rack for the drawers. This is very useful if your staircase is near your front door because it makes it more accessible.

Upgrade #4: Dutch Doors

Even doorways can serve several purposes nowadays. With a traditional door frame, you will only have two options: open or closed. You may think that your regular doors are already serving their intended purpose, but there’s still a way to increase their functionality.

You can turn your doors into Dutch doors, which basically divides your single door into two. This will allow you to close the bottom half while keeping the top half open, and this is perfect for individuals who have children, pets, or both. This way, you can easily peer into a room without disturbing their activities.

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially if you can put your imagination to work. There are plenty of ways to ingeniously solve your everyday problems or elevate one thing to become an entirely different entity. You just have to trust your instincts and see where it takes you.

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