A Day to Remember: Wedding Ideas to Explore

Marriage is a fundamental human right; it is defined as the legal union of two individuals. Even the LGBTQ community has fought for years to have this same right. The importance of marriage is undeniable, and this is why it is celebrated. In celebration of the momentous union of two couples, partners make sure that they have the best and unique wedding one can ever have.

The Venue

There are millions of couples in the world who have celebrated marriage in different locations. Here are some wedding venue ideas a couple can explore for their big day.


A conservatory or a glass house with botanical gardens is an excellent idea for those who wish to be one with nature but in a controlled environment. Doing a wedding inside a conservatory can provide an outdoor feeling. But it removes the hassle of postponing the wedding because of unpredictable changes in weather.

Hiring an event center contractor can create the perfect glasshouse venue for your wedding. These contractors combine elegance and practicality in making the best event place for your most important day.

Adventure weddings

couple standing on top of the mountain

Adventure weddings are perfect for a couple whose relationship thrives in excitement and adrenaline. Adventure weddings can take place on a mountaintop, by a waterfall, or inside a canyon’s crevices. The more off-the-beaten-path it is, the better it is for the extraordinary couple.

Having an adventure wedding is something only a few couples can do, and holding it in an exciting venue will make it more exclusive. Indeed, it is a symbolic start to an exhilarating adventure of married life.


Holding a wedding in a winery is, nowadays, considered traditional. To make it unique, why not have it in a brewery and distillery? This venue is especially great for couples who enjoy a beer over wines. Friends and guests would enjoy a wedding serving pints of beers, too.

In addition, holding a wedding and reception at a brewery or distillery gives your wedding an industrial-chic vibe. It will look great and exciting when you look back at your wedding photos in the future.

Boho-chic wedding

For the free-spirited couple, why not hold a boho-chic wedding in the middle of the wilderness. Add some bonfire, a food truck, sparkling lights, and of course, free-flowing drinks, and the open-air nature may give you the wedding of your dreams. Add in some tents and do some glamping and make it a party wedding that everybody will remember.

Other event ideas

Of course, a wedding venue will be put to waste without great activities during the wedding. To get the party started for the reception, it’s best to immediately open bars. This will loosen up guests and keep them entertained, even if there will be some delays during the program.

In short, immediately start cocktail hour. Let guests mix and mingle and fill in their bellies with some appetizers. A little drink will help, too. To add to the ambiance, mix in some carefree music. Don’t start the party music yet. You don’t want your guests to get drunk and rowdy before the reception.


If you have an open-air wedding, why not add some games to the mix? This can be an excellent way for guests to interact with one another. It’s another way to keep them entertained and not get bored during the event.

Aside from weddings, hiring performers can keep your wedding guests entertained. Wedding bands and singers are the traditional performers a couple can employ. But if you like to mix it up and make your wedding a little more interesting, why not hire a belly dancer?


Everybody loves photos, so a photo booth or a creative photo spot will be a great addition to the wedding venue. Depending on the theme of your wedding, your photo spot can follow suit. It can be elegant, fun, or campy. If you do not have the time to set up a photo spot, simply contacting a company specializing in photo booths can help you.

Aside from photos, a couple can also hire a live artist to paint the wedding on their most important day. It can be a little expensive, but marriage happens only once, so it is worth it. This can be important memorabilia that you and your husband will treasure for a lifetime.

Treasure the marriage for as long as you can

The wedding day is one thing, but marriage is another. Having a successful wedding day is crucial to celebrating the love between two couples. Still, the best is a long-lasting marriage that can be achieved through communication, respect, and trust.

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