Common Travel Problems and How to Solve Them

Frequent travelers often experience problems they didn’t even expect to encounter. In most cases, they usually know what to do and how to resolve things. But if it’s your first time traveling, it would be much better to prepare for some circumstances.

In this article, we will discuss the common problems most travelers encounter. We will also share how to resolve them and how to avoid them from happening. So before you pack your bags and ride the plane, take note of the tips below.

1. Getting Lost

It’s easy to get lost in unfamiliar places. Some people love the idea of getting lost in foreign places, but it’s not always the same case for new travelers. Getting lost can be a horrifying experience. You’ll most likely start to panic and lose control of your reactions.

However, you don’t have to worry that much. Most tourist spots offer maps of the local community. So before you head out for an adventure, be sure to get a map and mark down the places you intend to visit. If you prefer to use your phone’s GPS, it would be wiser to ready your Google Maps. Set the map to the places you will visit and keep track of your movements.

2. Hotel Expectations vs. Reality

Typically, hotels would post amazing photos of their accommodations and facility on their websites. But sadly, most of their advertisements give false hope and misleading information. Try to broaden your search and look for at least 3-4 hotels that fit your budget. After that, do as much research as you can about the hotels’ reputations.

How are you going to check their credibility? The first thing you can do is look for customer reviews. From here, you’ll learn the pros and cons of each hotel. Next, try to know if the establishments practice preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance includes professional cleaning, mold removal, and pest management like tick control and termite solutions.

3. Getting Robbed

The last thing you’ll need when you’re in a foreign country is losing your money. It’s important to remember that not all countries offer the same levels of safety and protection. Some countries are safe to visit, and some are not, so do your research.

But in case you get robbed despite following safety precautions, do not panic. Don’t try to fight the robbers or get your stuff back, especially if they are armed. What you need to do is to report the incident to the authorities. They will be able to help you get through this.

Next, assess your emotions. It’s okay to feel anger and rage. But at some point, you’ll have t let it go. Move on and take it as a lesson. Remember that there are still good people out there despite what happened, so carry on with your adventure.

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4. Being Sick

So there you are, excited for your following itinerary when you suddenly felt sick and dizzy. The most important thing to do is to rest. Don’t push too hard and allow your body to take its time. You’ll most likely feel better on the following day; be sure to eat on time and take proper medication.

Bringing a travel sickness medication is essential. You’ll never know when painkillers will come in handy, so be sure to include them in your luggage. And while you’re at it, bring a first aid kit too, which contains band-aids, gauze, cleaning pads, and alcohol.

5. Language Barriers

Not speaking the language is a common problem for travelers. Whether you’re in Brazil, Africa, or somewhere in Asia, proper communication is vital. Not being able to speak with the locals can lead to numerous emotions such as:

  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Discouragement

English may be a universal language, but not everyone can speak or understand it. But the good news is that there are several mobile applications to help you communicate effectively. Download an app or two so you won’t have to worry about asking for directions or ordering your meals.

6. Running out of Cash

Getting robbed can be a horrible experience, but so as running out of money when you still have a few days left. A lot of things could happen when you don’t manage your money wisely. It’s essential to set a budget for your expenses; food, souvenirs, accommodation, and leisure. Ensure that you only spend according to your budget and limit buying unnecessary things.

To prevent this, save up as much as you can months before your travel. By doing this, you will handle your finances well and maybe save up more than enough for your adventure. Also, check out some travel spending tips online and learn from the pros.

Problems do happen unexpectedly, and that’s okay. All you need to do is find a solution. Take note of the mentioned travel tips above so you can prepare for your next trip.

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