Check Out the Popular Architectural Home Styles in 2022

You have probably driven through some well-planned and affluent neighborhoods and simply gazed at beautiful homes. Buying one such place may have even crossed your mind. However, choosing a style blindly, just because you like it, may not be the best decision for you. Thus, you must consider a few factors like your zoning, building codes, lifestyle, and budget, to zero down upon one.

Apart from checking out others spaces, you can also check out digital portfolios posted by real estate companies. Some magazines can also give you ideas for the same. Some styles that reign supreme are more or less approved in the US building codes.

You have two options; you can either renovate your existing house or purchase a new one. No matter your decision, you can refer to this article and explore the most popular architectural styles.

Colonial Style

Colonial homes date back to the 19th century—when Americans just started settling down in their homes after previous wars and unrest. Many of them also engage in experimentation. From Maine to Virginia, you will find quite a few homes designed on these lines. The design is quite distinct, and you will identify it even from a distance. The house is classified by its shuttered windows, chimneys, and wood exterior siding.

The first set of colonial homes that came up was intricately designed with highly durable materials. Towering columns that hold up the front entrance are another differentiating feature of such homes. Symmetry is another important attribute that homeowners often rely on. Such homes may come with prominent patios and Palladian windows as well. You will never miss them out, amongst other modern designs.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse homes are primarily American in style, and you will find them based on the ranches across the countryside. They also look pretty comfortable and family-friendly. Additionally, you will find most of them to be at least two stories tall. They have the typical thatched-roof structure that differs from other home styles. Metal and shingles are the most superior materials that go into their construction. The former is costlier but has more longevity than shingle ones. However, they can still require some maintenance due to normal wear and tear. The weather can also play spoilsport at times.

These look their aesthetic best, treated with the utmost care by metal roofing experts. These individuals can likely help you with all the gutter cleaning, panel restructuring, and removal of corrosive materials that get deposited over time. With a bit of care, these are sure to last you 15 to 20 long years. Farmhouse-style or ranch-style homes have large kitchens and a lot of sunlight peeping through.

Tudor Style

Whether half-timbered or decorative, Tudor homes bring in the quintessential English features with their steeply pitched rooftops. They have eaves that go down to the bottom of the houses. Additionally, arched doorways can give you a fair idea of the types of style it depicts. The chimney pots are also quite elaborate. You can distinguish them easily from other home styles.

The windows are often grouped into twos, threes, or four at times. Moreover, they have diamond patterns and a stained-glass look that complements the arched doorways. You will also find fireplaces in most Tudor homes. Stones, bricks, and other stucco elements often make up the exterior, so it is well-suited for areas prone to snow and rain.

Spanish Style

Spanish architecture and Mediterranean-style architecture are somewhat similar. They often borrow characteristics from one another. Central courtyards in such private homes are a distinguishing factor. You will also come across stucco exteriors and red-tiled roofs atop such houses. These Spanish homes are mostly one or storied.

There is a predominance of wrought iron in the windows and grills. Additionally, you will find the windows much smaller, which aid in the entry of light, minus the heat. Heavily-crafted wood goes into the doors and window panes. You will find them in large numbers in the Southwestern part of the US.

Modern Style
modern house with solar panels on its roof

Some people like it up-to-date, which modern architecture is all about. You will find clean lines and a flat terrace dominating the structure. The walls are often white, and the windows are huge. You will find bay windows to dominate such architecture. Glass and steel are used extensively in such homes. However, you should not confuse it with the contemporary style. It came in after World War II, and it is perfect for those climates with less snow.

You can choose any of these styles for your custom home. If you plan to buy a ready-made one, you should purchase one that suits your lifestyle.

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