Make 2020 the Year for the Perfect Home Renovation

The year 2020 is an exciting time in the industry of interior designs. According to expert interior designers, this year is going to be all about maximizing minimal space,  choosing vibrant colors, and picking pieces of furniture that promote sustainability without compromising style and elegance. If all these fit your taste, here are some of the easiest ways you can incorporate these trends into your space:

Add touches of nature into an urban-style home

The year 2019 has been all about home design that focuses on technology. For 2020, experts from cosmopolitan hubs like New York, London, Singapore, and Beijing are seeing a shift towards fresher, more natural home design materials. This design concept could work by incorporating touches of copper, granite, stone, and concrete to your home. Each of these materials will add a touch of serenity and some organic accents to your interiors. Going this route means you’ll also shift the focus on the low-key parts of your home, such as the doors and windows.

Making smart decisions when it comes to kitchen upgrades

Kitchens are among the most popular areas when it comes to home upgrades. Homeowners focus on improving this area first since meals are central to family life.

You can start by getting rid of your old cabinet systems and replacing it with open ones. Not only are open cabinets known for being highly functional, but they’re also the most effective way to highlight and showcase all the dishware you own instead of letting them sit inside a closed cabinet, collecting dust. That’s why this is definitely going to be a design trend that many homeowners will see this 2020.

In addition, this may also be the right time to get rid of old home appliances. Stainless steel is fast becoming a thing of the past. You should look at matte types that are less susceptible to dirt and smudges and look a lot more elegant.

Using small spaces effectively

Living room

As homes get smaller, more and more design trends are focusing on making smart use of much smaller spaces. This design trend is a global one. Check the inventory of any furniture store online and you’ll see more small furnishings.

You can maximize the amount of space you have no matter how small it may be by going for multi-functional pieces. Think of a sofa that converts into a bed or a bed with drawers. Of course, you should pick the pieces that reflect your individuality. Going for small does not mean going for boring. For some quick inspiration, you should check pictures from a sofa sale in Singapore.

As we approach the new decade, every homeowner can choose sustainability and minimalism as their interior design philosophy. If you’ve been hankering for simple living, this year is the best time to turn it into the center of your interior design.

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