Keeping Your House Clean While on a Trip

You will surely easily forget pleasant memories of a vacation if you come home to a messy house. Whether it is for a weekend break or few months of going overseas, you must prepare your house for an easy and smooth return. Meanwhile, some feel stuck and hesitant to have a vacation because they worry about their home’s welfare. You can always take that long-needed vacation to recharge and forget about the challenging times in the office. With an organized plan, you can go wherever you want and come home without worrying about the place you left behind.

Before starting a trip, you must explore all your options and brainstorm possible scenarios that may happen to your house while you are away. This list aims to guide you on this.

If you are renting

Traveling long term is easier when you are renting an apartment. Consider scheduling the trip within the period when you are still under a contract with your landlord. To show courtesy as a renter, you should inform your landlord days before the trip to let him know of your absence and other terms you want to bring up. Pay bills and additional fees in advance to keep a good relationship with him.

If your lease is ending while you are on a trip, consider doing the following:

  • Discuss your plan of going on a trip and how it will affect your agreement
  • Look for a place to stay or store your things before leaving the apartment.

If you own your existing dwellings

Leaving a house, apartment, or condo for a trip may be more comfortable as you can always return to it whenever you are ready. Here are a few questions though before you embark on your journey:

  • Would you like to live in the same place after your trip?
  • Are you planning to sell your place?
  • Do you still have enough funds for your mortgage?

Things To Do Before You Leave

Get your place tidy and safe before you leave. Consider making a checklist to ensure that every corner is clean or every appliance is in good condition. Here are some specific things to do.

Fix loose bolts, doors, and windows.

fixing glass door

Ensure the safety of your place before you go. Make it safe from burglars, animals, or pests. Seal it properly as much as you can. You may start checking your doors and windows. Replace any broken pane of glass or any loose bolts and locks. Contact a local carpenter or the condominium engineer to fix your door. You may want to survey a couple of options at reliable door manufacturers or hardware supply stores to find the best material.

Clean the fridge.


Get rid of food that will be nearing its expiry date soon. Throwing away perishable goods will ensure that your fridge stays clean and free from the smell the whole time you are away. Also, wipe any food spills and crumbs in your fridge.

Don’t leave any dirty laundry and any dirty dishes at the dishwasher.

Do the laundry before you go. Check out the laundry bins and dishwasher for any dirt and sediment. Dirty laundry and dishwashing can be a breeding ground for pests thus should be cleaned thoroughly.

Secure your pet in a pet hotel, vet clinic, or a neighbor’s house.

Of course, you still want to see your pet after your vacation. Consider making arrangements with a relative, your neighbor, a friend, a gardener, or a nearby veterinarian or pet hotel. Make sure to give them enough budget for your pet’s food. Consider telling them of your pet’s essential needs.

Unplug appliances.

Don’t waste energy while you are away. Unplug appliances even if you are gone for a few days. You may want to program your air conditioner using a smart thermostat in advance to avoid fluctuations in temperature.

Your place may look tidy before you left but expect some adjustments and cleaning when you return home. Look for signs of mildew, dust, or dried leaves getting in your room, and clean them away appropriately. Some families wrap their furniture with plastic or other pieces of clothing to prevent them from getting dirty. You may also put on new sheets and pillows before diving directly to your bed.

Check your place for any damage. You may have to do a quick sweep or vacuum in the rooms. Consider wiping the accumulated grime and dust in your kitchen, bathroom counters, and toilet. Give your house a pleasant, welcoming scent. Consider fumigating it with lemon or cinnamon scents.

If you are too tired to do these things, consider hiring somebody who will look after your house and clean it regularly, whether on a weekly or monthly basis. You may ask a family member, a friend or hire a person you can trust to do a thorough cleaning of your house later on. Make sure to place and organize your luggage in one place. You may opt to open or check your things later on in your suitcase after the house cleaning.

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