Home Improvements For A Healthier Home

There are a surprising number of health hazards in your home. A hole in the wall can let in pests, while an open window can let allergens in. These health risks come in many forms, but they can be fixed. Here are some of the potential upgrades that you can make to improve your house, so it is cleaner and safer for everyone who lives in it.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

The are several changes that you can make to your HVAC so that it doesn’t spread disease throughout the house. One of these is to have an air filter in the system. This can stop a lot of allergens and other particles that can make people sick. Additionally, if your home has central heating and cooling, you will need better ventilation. If the air inside your home stays inside without moving, the people inside will suffer from sick building syndrome. Better to invest in a good system that takes all the bad air out and introduces new air.

Create A Mudroom

Mudrooms were an important part of home design in the past. This was where people could shed their outerwear so that they can be more comfortable at home. It fell out of style but resurrecting it can be a big help in keeping outdoor dirt and contaminants out. Have a small alcove section near your front door. People then leave their outdoor shoes and get indoor replacements while they also hang any coats they have. A modern touch would be to have a hand sanitizer ready to disinfect everyone.

Do Something About The Flooring

The floors of your home can be a breeding ground for diseases if you are not careful. Carpeting can catch a lot of allergens and dirt. Then your children would roll around in it. A better option would be to change the flooring to something more sanitary. For example, you can use hardwood or tile flooring. Both of them are easy to clean. Additionally, they accept coating easily. With a coating similar to those used on pharmaceutical floors, your floors will be simple to clean and won’t harbor any bacteria.

cracks on a wall

Seal Things In

While it is more of a repair than an upgrade, sealing up the various cracks and holes inside your home can be a great way to make it more sanitary. These holes are potential ways in which insects and pests can enter your home. That can be bad, especially if they make a nest inside your house. You might have to deal with an infestation. But with simple caulking or even some cement, you can seal up the cracks around the house where these pests can come in.

Install A Water Filter

Your family needs good drinking water. While tap water is fine, you want to add another layer of safety to it. Installing and maintaining a carbon water filter can be an excellent way to ensure that your entire family is drinking clean water without any impurities. Fewer contaminants like chlorine or other others can also make the water more palatable. It is not just your drinking water that may need filtering. You don’t want to shower under dirty water, and that can be prevented by installing a bathroom water filter.

Keep The Moisture Out

One potential source of health issues is the high humidity in your home. The water in the air can cause the growth and spread of mildew. Additionally, it can feel very uncomfortable since it makes it difficult to sweat. You want to get a dehumidifier for your home. There are also other changes like ensuring your clothes dryer vents outside that ensure your home doesn’t have to deal with a lot of moisture.

Install The Right Detectors

There are a lot of invisible dangers in the home. These are mostly from undetectable gas. For example, too much carbon monoxide can result in fatalities, and you won’t even notice. There is also radon, which is a major carcinogenic. It is the leading cause of lung cancer aside from smoking. With the right detectors, you can be warned of their presence and be able to protect your family.

Home improvements that can eliminate the health risks faced by your family are a good investment. Instead of paying thousands in hospital bills, you can prevent the issues with just a few hundred dollars. Besides that, a lot of these upgrades can make your home easier to clean. It can save you time in the future as you can be sure that your home is a sanitary place to live.

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