Seven Simple Ways to Keep Your Expensive Clothes Looking Nice

Even expensive designer clothing will fall apart after years of neglect and abuse. Have you ever had a pair of nice shoes that you forgot about and then suddenly found with molds in the shoe cabinet? That’s because you did not let the air circulate in the cabinet. Even authentic leather can get molds when left in a moist environment. If you plan to invest in luxury items, you have to spend time, money, and effort to take care of them.

Read the Labels

Most people don’t read the labels on their clothes. They throw the clothes in the washing machine along with others and wash them in delicate or moderate pressure. But this is the wrong way to go about caring for your luxury clothes. The clothes themselves will tell you how to take care of them. The labels will have symbols that you need to follow. Follow the directions, especially those that tell you what not to do such as washing them in a machine. If the clothes said they should only be hand washed, then do it properly.

Learn to Wash by Hands

Delicate fabrics need to be washed by hands. Learn how to do it for your expensive clothes. Handwashing is the best kind because you have complete control over the pressure you use on the fabric. It’s an important skill, too, since you can wash your clothes one at a time when you need to.

Consider Dry Cleaning


If you have an expensive piece of clothing, it will be better to take them to the dry cleaners. Find a dry cleaning company that you can trust, especially with a pristine item. Dry cleaning is mostly the go-to solution for expensive clothes. You should also consider dry cleaning your wool coats and down jackets, so they don’t get easily damaged.

Treat Stains Immediately

If you spilled wine, cola, chocolate, or any other kinds of stains on your clothes, make sure to not let the stain spill. If you can’t take the dress off immediately, dab a bit of water and soap and try to wipe off as much as you can. Quick pre-treatment can spell the difference between removing the stain completely and ruining the dress. Later on, when you can take it off, you should use a permanent stain remover or bring the dress to the dry cleaner for proper treatment.

You can soak the garment in water and let it sit for a while. The water will weaken and “break” the stain in the cloth. That will make it easy to treat the stain later on.

Choose Steam Ironing

Steam ironing is best for sensitive garments such as silk. Your clothes won’t have marks, lines, and creases compared to using a dry iron on them. Although steam machines tend to be pricier than dry irons, they provide the best results on the most delicate of fabrics. To remove the wrinkles from your clothes, hold the wand away from the fabric. Make sure not to get the wand too close.

At the same time, you need to learn how to properly iron your clothes. If you have to remove the wrinkles and creases from a printed design or embroidery, use a piece of plain cloth as a cover before ironing over it. A hot iron can ruin a printed design and embroidery.

Know How to Store Clothes

You will only mostly use your winter clothes for two months a year. If you have to store them, make sure that they’re in an airtight bag or container. Do not store them in the cabinets without dry cleaning them first because the dust and bacteria from when you last wore them will affect the quality of the fabric.

You can use plastic or fabric covers for storage. However, check first the kind of fabric and how to store them. Metallic fabrics, for example, need soft butter or tissue paper so the shine won’t fade. Other fabrics will have different requirements.

Try Air-drying Your Clothes

It’s nice how dryers are so convenient. A few buttons will wash and dry your clothes that when they come out, you can already iron and wear them. But once in a while, if possible, air-dry your clothes. Dryers cause wear and tear, while air drying will prolong the life of your clothes. Just make sure that the sweaters and other heavy fabrics lie on the rack, so they won’t lose their shape.

Your expensive clothes have to be cared for in the same way you maintain your car, gadgets, and others. You’ve invested your hard-earned money in treating yourself to these clothes, so you have to make sure they last long. If you know these basic maintenance tips, you can enjoy these clothes for a long time.

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