From preventive care to cosmetic treatments

A dentist in Southgate has access to a range of resources and tools which enables them to perform a series of treatments designed to improve the health and wellbeing of their patient’s smile.

Whether that involves preventive care, restorative treatments or attention to the appearance of their smile, such professionals have the experience and know-how to offer the right kind of advice and create that healthier looking and feeling smile that everyone is hoping to achieve.

A patient should be able to feel relaxed and confident enough with their oral healthcare provider to discuss with them their hopes and concerns regarding their smile, so that the professional is able to align the possibilities of treatment with the needs of their patient. In addition to this, it is imperative that the patient seeks a consultation at their local dental practice at least twice a year, so that there is ongoing monitoring of their oral health with any slight changes being picked up and swiftly attended to.

Using this structure, the need for complex restorative work is generally diminished, as preventive care is forefront in modern dentistry. Unfortunately, for those individuals who do not frequently visit their dental practice, they will find that the health of their teeth and gums deteriorates over time and more action is required to bring their smile back to full functionality again.

But if there’s no pain, there’s nothing to worry about!

This statement is quite untrue, because a lot can be happening in an individual’s mouth without the instance of any pain. Plaque and tartar build-up is a natural occurrence when food debris and bacteria is left on the teeth for extended periods of time.

Even when an individual brushes and flosses their teeth twice daily as is recommended some hard-to-reach places, such as the back of teeth, where they are crammed together or even crossed over, accumulate grime and this can become glued to teeth, causing bad breath and eventual decay.

If not seen and treated frequently, individuals can find that they may even lose their teeth as a result of this cavity-forming plaque and tartar.

Pain becomes present during one of the final stages of decay, where a hole has reached the centre of the tooth where nerves are present. Often infection can cause pain too and this can be brewing for a significant amount of time before again, it reaches nerves in the tooth roots.

The best way that an individual can care for their smile is simply by committing to biannual consultations where they can discuss any changes and have a quick check-up to ensure their smile is as healthy as it can be.

It is an opportunity to put a patient’s mind at ease knowing that their smile is healthy and a way to enjoy a professional cleaning so that they can enjoy cleaner and whiter teeth, a sure confidence booster.

With many different cosmetic solutions also available, individuals can consider investing in their self-esteem and creating a smile that they can confidently share with the world, which may have a positive impact on their social, romantic and business ventures as well.

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