10 High-Value Home Improvements for the Elderly

Many seniors now live independently, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need some help with day-to-day tasks. Home improvement projects for the elderly can help make their lives easier and more comfortable.

However, not all older adults are in the same situation. Some may still be pretty active and like to keep busy, while others may reside at a retirement community or assisted living facility; you can contact senior living advisors to find the best living community that suits their needs.

Either way, many projects can be completed depending on the needs of the individual. Still, some of the most popular high-value home improvements for seniors include:

1. Elderly-Proofing a Bathroom

Bathroom safety is a significant issue for the elderly, with most homes not being built with them in mind. Many features will make your loved one’s bathroom safer and more comfortable, including:

  • Grab bars (both vertical and horizontal)
  • A raised toilet seat
  • Transfer benches (for when they want to be in the shower) and
  • Non-slip flooring (either taped or tile)

2. Decluttering a Home or Apartment

The accumulation of clutter in a home is an issue for most people, but it can become problematic if you have mobility issues.

For seniors, having piles of items to be put away can mean losing important items such as medications or household bills. While getting them involved in the decluttering process can be hard, many companies specialize in the home organization to help with this part of the project.

3. Installing a Shower Seat or Transfer Bench

If your loved one has problems getting into and out of the shower all by themselves, they may benefit from having a transfer bench installed. This type of seat is specially designed, so they can sit down on it, transferring their entire weight onto the seat, so they can safely stand up when finished.

A similar product is a shower seat which attaches directly to most standard showers with suction cups for added security. Both seats are designed to provide additional stability while bathing but do not need any tools or special skills to install.

4. Repainting Room Wall Colors

painting the wall

Painting a room is a great way to transform the look of a space while adding value, but it can be especially important for seniors who may have some visual impairment.

A wall color change can help brighten up a room and make it easier for them to get around without bumping into furniture or tripping over any items that may be lying on the floor.

5. Adding Walk-In Showers With Seats

If your loved one is having trouble getting from their bed into the tub, they may benefit from a walk-in shower which allows them to safely stand up while bathing or cleaning themselves off.

A seat inside the shower will provide stability and additional safety while the shower is in use.

6. Installing a Front Door With a Glass or Screen Insert

Having a door with glass inserts installed can help make it easier for your loved ones to get outside and keep an eye on their surroundings.

A front door with an insert will provide them peace of mind when they need to open the door and can even be locked to provide additional security at night or while you are away from home.

7. Putting Laundry Room Shelves Up High

Many homes do not have any storage space in their laundry room due to lack of floor space, but this can be especially problematic if you have limited mobility or strength.

Putting up some shelves high on the walls will allow you to store items such as detergent and other cleaning supplies, which will be easy to reach. If there is still space, you can always use it for folding clothes or storing your laundry basket.

8. Installing Grab Bars in the Bedroom

Having grab bars installed inside the bedroom is a great way to provide additional support while standing up from a seated position, as well as helping with getting into bed at night.

Although they do require installation (which may require a professional), grab bars come with detailed instructions and all the necessary tools needed for installation, making them a relatively simple home improvement project.

9. Handrails Along Stairs

If your loved one has problems going up and downstairs, adding handrails along each side will help provide extra stability and support.

While they can be installed by a professional, handrails only take a littleĀ time and basic tools to install.

10. Installing Illuminated Indoor Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Having an illuminated entrance or outdoor motion sensor light installed will make it easier for your loved ones to see at night without needing to turn on the entire house lights.

Although they require installation (which may require a professional), most motion sensor lights come with detailed instructions and all the necessary tools needed for installation, making them a relatively simple home improvement project.

Aging in place is important to allow your loved ones to continue living independently even as they become less mobile or have other changes to how they live at home with age-related disabilities.

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