Cost-effective Strategies to Extend Your Pool’s Lifespan

When you’re maintaining your home, you should address one of the elephants in the room: cleaning your pool. Compared to other parts of your property, your pool needs special maintenance and attention. If you don’t address your pool for quite some time, this can lead to the growth of algae and other biological contaminants. However, the process of maintaining your pool and extending its lifespan might cost a bit more than usual.

So what are some essential ways of extending your pool’s lifespan? What can you do without having to spend a fortune? Here’s what you need to know.

Keeping a Balance of Chemicals

One of the best ways of ensuring that your pool’s lifespan is extended is by balancing out your pool’s chemicals. Although water is neutral on the pH scale, various environmental factors can affect the acidity of your pool.

Ensure that there is a balance in the acidity of your pool. If your pool’s pH scale is too low, then there’s a good chance that this breaks down your pool’s concrete structure, which can compromise its structural integrity. If the pH scale is a bit too high than usual, this can cause biological contaminants like algae to grow.  That said, you need to balance out the pH structure of your pool meticulously.

If you’re unsure how to mix your chemicals for the perfect balance, professionals can always help you with the process.

Shocking Your Pool

Although keeping a balance of chemicals in your pool can help with the cleaning process and extending its lifespan, there are situations where you must “shock” your pool with the right chemicals to remove long-term biological contaminants. This is especially useful if certain types of cases can change the chemistry of your pool off balance. For instance, right after a pool party, there’s bound to be more individuals going to use the pool, resulting in a spike of temperature or rain that can cause problems with the pH scale.

If this is the case, you might want to consider giving your pool shock treatment. This treatment can “reset” the balance of your pool. Fortunately, you won’t have to look far since safe and quality swimming pool acids can help balance your pool’s pH scale. Not only can this help extend your pool’s lifespan, but this is also one of the safest ways of balancing out your pool’s acidity.

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Considering Its Size

Many homeowners need to keep in mind that each pool is different in its features, managed, and overall size. While there are small pools that most residents have, there are also pools larger than average and require heavy-duty equipment. Although many professionals might tell you that any motor for your pool might do, many larger ones need better motors to produce more power.

If you’re planning on installing a relatively low-quality motor, this can result in a significantly lower lifespan. Although high-quality products and engines might cost more, you can significantly save more since you won’t have to worry about your motor breaking down.

Covering Your Pool

Another cost-effective way to keep your pool in a pristine condition without having to spend much is by covering your pool. If you don’t feel using chemicals is the best course of action in this situation, you might want to consider covering your pool. Many disease-causing microbes usually thrive in the presence of sunlight. Not only can algae cause health complications, but this can form an “ecosystem” of other microbes.

Consider slowing down the proliferation of algae and microbes on your pool by cutting off sunlight through solar covers. These covers provide a more energy-efficient way of cleaning up your pool. At the same time, you won’t have to use chemicals that can change the consistency of the water.

If you’re living in colder weather conditions, this is also a great way of ensuring that your pool’s heater does not work too hard to keep a stable temperature. This is especially useful in retaining heat and keeping the pH scale of the water manageable. Still, you need to ask for help from professionals if you’re looking at installing motorized pool covers.

You can apply various ideas to extend your pool’s lifespan. Although it might be a bit daunting at first glance, you can eventually get the hang of it in no time. But before you make any decisions, you need to weigh in on these strategies first. Remember: it’s better to spend just a few hundred dollars on keeping your pool in a pristine condition rather than spending thousands of dollars on fixing long-term damage to your pool. Whatever the situation might be, consulting with professionals on the matter can help expedite the process.

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