Home Exterior Upgrades That You Can DIY

With the weather quickly getting warmer, it is much more comfortable now to step out into your front yard and get your dose of vitamin D. But a quick look around your lawn may have made you realize that there are quite a few parts that need to be cleaned, beautified, or even renovated.

However, you may still have reservations about letting other people do some home remodeling on your behalf, especially with the pandemic still going on. Don’t worry! There are so many substantial changes you can make in your house’s exteriors without needing to call for professional help.

Five DIY-friendly Upgrades for Your Front Yard

Here are just some many ways you can make your home better all through your own efforts. These activities make for a pretty good workout, too!

1. Set up a new fence.

The changing seasons and years of service could have already put your good old fences in bad shape. It might be time to replace those old fences with new, sturdier ones.

Before thinking that you will be unable to install those on your own, there are actually durable fence posts made from aluminum pre-punched to make them much easier to set up. All you need are a few sets of hands and determination to make the magic happen.

A new fence gives your lot an immediate facelift without making any changes to the structure of your house or your garden just yet.

2. Do some deep cleaning.

When you look at the exteriors of your home and notice that everything looks a little dull, the first instinct is to think that it needs a paint job. While paint jobs are a good way to liven up your home, sometimes, they are not what your home immediately needs.

Take a good look at your walls and pathways. Do you notice a layer of dirt that has settled on the surfaces? If you do, then what you need is not to paint over it but to give it a thorough washing.

With hardscapes made of concrete or brick, you will sometimes not even need soap to clean those pathways. A pressure washer can get the deeply embedded dirt and moss off your floors and make them look good as new. If your hardscapes take up a significant amount of space in your outdoor area, a sweeping attachment is more efficient.


3. Revamp your mailbox and house number.

Your home upgrades shouldn’t be all just cleaning and building things. Your creativity comes in handy, too.

Rather than focusing all your energy on painting the whole of your home’s exterior area, choose specific parts that need a facelift. For instance, your mailbox and house number are two important features that help visitors and delivery persons find your home. How about making them stand out more?

If your mailbox looks like it has been forgotten by time, give it an update through a fresh coat of paint or replace it to make it more noticeable and durable. You can also make an art project out of your house number by putting your lettering skills to work.

4. Trim the grass.

Have you taken a peek out of your window and felt like the garden looks more like a jungle? Stressful problem, simple solution! It just means it is time to trim the grass.

Use a lawnmower to trim evenly and finish the job quickly. You should also check if weeds have grown with your plants and pull them out. Be careful to get the roots out, too, so that they don’t grow back.

You can also plant some flowers to add color to the place. If you have some more space, why not add some crops in, too?

5. Update your porch decor.

Your porch might also need some new decorations to make it feel more current. Sometimes it means buying new chairs and tables, but other times all your porch really might require are new cushions, tablecloths or runners, and maybe even plants to improve the space.

Throw in some throw pillows and add a rug to give it a homier feel that invites anyone to sit down and enjoy the fresh air. Match some elements on your outdoor seating area indoors, too, to make it look more like an extension of your living room.

Your home’s exterior upgrades don’t have to be big and ambitious to accomplish so much! All of these ideas can be accomplished through the teamwork of the people in your household, and they’re all pretty easy to do, too.

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