The who, what and how of marketing for dental surgeries

When it comes to growing a brand online, any business needs to invest in SEO and marketing. This will help to make their name more common online. And will also aim to get more customers.

While it may seem odd, there is even a branch of marketing that is aimed at attracting new patients to dental surgeries. As well as keeping current patients in the loop and attending check-ups. This dental marketing is something that every small or large dental team will need to look into if they want to grow their business and raise awareness of their surgery. As well as what they can offer to their patients.

In the following guide, the whats, whos and whys of marketing for dental surgeries are answered. So you can assess if you want to invest in this for your dental practice.


What is marketing?

Marketing is simply the process of promoting and selling a product or service. In the instance of dental surgeries, marketing revolves around promoting what these surgeries can offer. Such as family dental work or cosmetic dental options.

How does it work?

Marketing for dental surgeries is done online. Using search engine optimisation or SEO is one of its key strategies. SEO when performed by a marketing team will usually involve the makeover of the website, new blogs being written every week, backlinks to authoritative websites and a social media page being created. Which will attract the Google bots to the page and drive organic traffic to it. This, hopefully, results in more potential patients contacting your surgery.

Who does it aim to attract?

Marketing for dental surgeries aims to do a range of things. A key feature of most marketing campaigns is to attract more patients to the surgery.

However, other marketing campaigns can be focused around keeping the current patients that you have. This can be done via check-up reminder emails and text messages. It is worth considering that at this point, you will need to consider who you want to attract to your dental surgery. So, if you want to attract patients who want to have dental implants, then your marketing campaign will focus on this.

Who can offer it?

There is a wide range of marketing teams that can help boost your dental surgery presence online. But for this to really be successful, you will want a team who specialises in working with dental surgeries. As they will know how to makeover your site, how to write unique blog pieces and of course, they will know what the Google bots are looking for when they are searching.

How long does it take?

Overall, this will vary based on where your dental surgery is located.

For instance, if you operate in rural Cornwall, then the results of any SEO or marketing will have a greater impact sooner. If you have your surgery located somewhere like East London, then it can take longer for the results to make themselves known.

On average, a marketing campaign will take between 3-6 months to work. If you want results sooner, talk to your marketing team about other techniques and strategies that they can offer.

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