What is this treatment?

Incognito provides a viable alternative to conventional braces. This treatment uses a lingual bracket system to move teeth into a better position, it can give a client a smile that they can be proud of. This treatment can be used by many different patients of many different ages, making this procedure accessible for many walks of life. It is a treatment that  is often selected by patients as it is virtually undetectable, the braces are placed behind the teeth and are invisible. This is a benefit that is gladly accepted by many people as it allows them to go about their daily lives without feeling embarrassed about ongoing dental work. This treatment is customisable and can have a very big impact on a person’s smile. The brace uses custom-built archwires, brackets and bonding trays. These braces do not need to be removed for eating and drinking, making them functional for everyday life.

What is the procedure?

Incognito uses innovative dental appliances in order to achieve fantastic results for its patients. Many clients are extremely happy with the results of this treatment. They have found themselves smiling with confidence again after their treatment period, meaning this treatment has allowed them to be proud of their smile all over again. 3D imaging technology is used to give the client an idea of how their smile will look once they have undergone the treatment. Dentists will always ensure that braces fit a client perfectly, this is achieved through a dental examination that collects data such as accurate measurements and design. Highly-trained dentists are always happy to answer any questions that their clients may have at the same time as taking them through the exact steps involved in their treatment time frame. They talk their clients through aftercare concerned with their treatment and advise their clients on how to best look after the overall health of their mouth.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

dental chair at the office

There are many benefits of this treatment. The science behind this procedure is ongoing, this means that the treatment continues to evolve and get better. The result of this is that clients are constantly being offered the best level of treatment. Patients can see the results of these braces as they happen, allowing them to imagine, early on, what their teeth will look like as an end result. One of the benefits of this procedure is that it will not leave any lasting damage on the teeth. As previously mentioned, this treatment is customised for each patient and as a result, it allows maximum control of their teeth. This treatment plan can be used on all misalignments, making it a popular choice for many different kinds of dental situation. This treatment is available for a variety of ages, as a good smile should be an option open to all. The main benefit of this treatment is that it is a discreet option, which allows people to transform the overall look of their mouth without having to walk around with wires and brackets showing during the treatment. As mentioned, many patients have been very happy with the results of this treatment and it comes highly recommended to future patients who are considering altering their smile for the better.

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