Thrift Flips

A new fad in fashion is taking hold and gaining popularity among those who love making their clothes, and as the attached video shows, the art of upcycling clothes also referred to as thrift flips is fun, simple, and exciting. From clothing items like long hippie skirts like the one shown in the video to shirts, dresses, and more, your imagination might be the only limitation to what can be upcycled.

Not only does the aforementioned video display a great example of taking one item and completely transforming it into another, but it also reveals how simple it can be and how a little embellishment, addition, or cut can create an entirely new look, piece, and feel.

Video Source

In the video, it was a long hippie skirt that was made into a fun and stylish top that would work with jeans, skirts, or even leggings.

What is even more exciting about this growing trend of upcycling or thrift flips is that it takes very little investment. In most cases, a basic sewing machine and tools like measuring tapes, scissors, and other basic tailoring are all that is needed. And, of course, that pennies-on-the-dollar thrift store finds that will soon become something new, fun and upcycled.

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