Avoid These Common Mistakes With Your Home Drapery!

The video on the YouTube Channel The DIY Mommy called “7 Curtain Mistakes That Can Make Your Home Look Awful” provides solutions to the mistakes that consumers make when purchasing or making curtains. When consumers make these mistakes, the room or their home looks tacky.

Buying curtains that are too short or too long creates a disorganized appearance. Designers recommend drapes that hit the floor for large or formal window panels. When curtains are not wide enough for the window they look mismatched.

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Consumers should measure the width of the window and multiply by two. Cheap fabrics for curtains often pucker, the thread unravels, and they do not wear well. Good choices for material are cotton, linen, and cotton/polyester blends.

Choosing the wrong color for window panels is another mistake consumers make. Choosing a lighter or darker color than those walls is a common tactic that works. With very bright colors in the room, choosing a neutral color of white, beige, or gray can provide contrast. The wrong pattern for drapes will make the room look too busy or the colors will clash. Use a patterned curtain to liven up a room painted white or a neutral color. Patterned curtains often go well with solid drapes. Choosing the right weight for the curtain’s fabric.can resolve problems with too much weight and using the right rods and rings. These are some tips on how to solve mistakes in choosing drapery.


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