Soulmate: How Do You Know You’ve Found the One?

Everyone seems to have a unique definition of who a soulmate is, but the fact remains that when you find “the one,” you will know it. You will look back at your past relationships and realize that none compares to this one. While some relationships are driven mainly by physical desires, the connection you have with a soulmate is intimate and emotional.

Finding a soulmate might not be easy, and even when you meet them, you might become confused about whether it’s them. That is why seeking the help of a matchmaker from Washington, DC, or other areas is advisable. If you found someone you think could be “the one,” here are some signs to look for.

1. It Feels Like You’ve Known Them Forever

Some people believe that your soulmate is someone you knew and liked in your past life. While this is a beautiful concept, not everyone believes in the phenomenon of past-lives. It will seem like you have known this person even when you have been together for a few months. They feel familiar in a way that no other person has.

2. You Have Extreme Empathy for Them

When the person goes through a depressing situation, you feel the emotions of sadness deeply, too. When they are upset, you are angry as well. In the same way, you share each other’s happiness. Nobody is proud of their achievements like you are, and the same applies to when you hit a goal.

3. Love Survives the Infatuation Stage


There are many stages of love, and the first one is when you feel romantically attracted to each other, which is known as infatuation. The phase gives you highs like nothing else, but it is superficial. You don’t know the person you are dating well enough to tell whether they are your soulmate. When the attraction wears off, you start noticing the flaws, and they annoy you. However, if your partner is “the one,” you will still go through the other love stages and likely to establish a long-term relationship.

4. You Can Read Their Mood without Words

The moment your soulmate walks through the door, you can tell what kind of mood they are in. The deep connection allows you to feel each other’s emotions even when you don’t express how you feel in words. That is why soulmate relationships are strong because you cannot keep things from each other. It might take time to get used to someone knowing your mood, but you will grow to like the feeling.

5. Your Chemistry Is Intense

You probably have had some chemistry with your past lovers, but nothing surpasses what you feel when you are with your soulmate. You are connected not only physically, but also spiritually and intellectually. You think similarly and can have long conversations. You can talk about anything without getting bored, and you can even complete each others’ sentences.

Your soulmate is not necessarily your replica, but you always know that you are meant for each other. The signs mentioned above are just indicators to show you that you’re with who you’re supposed to be with. The critical factor is to understand that you two, as different people, are coming together to feel the love.

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