How do dental implants work?

If you have missing teeth and are looking for a treatment that can replace them on a long-term basis then dental implants could really help you. You can choose from either removable or fixed implants, each bringing their own benefits. They are usually made out of porcelain, as this is one of the best materials to use for making crowns, due to its durability and stain-resistant qualities.

How does it all work?

To begin the process, it is vital that you have a consultation meeting with your dentist so that you can discuss the treatment in full and they can check your eligibility. It is important that you have enough bone left in your jaw to hold the Bromley dental implants. If you don’t have enough bone, it can make things worse if you try and make it support the new teeth. During your consultation, your dentist will extensively examine your teeth and take scans of your jaw to see how much bone is left.

If all goes well and you are eligible, a custom crown will be created, which is the tooth-shaped piece of porcelain that is attached to the implant post. This will be made to look as similar to your existing teeth as possible so it blends in and doesn’t look out of place. Depending on how many teeth you have missing, you can choose to have a singular implant, or one that can hold up to 4 teeth for bigger gaps.

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In your first surgical appointment, your dentist will open up the gums in the problemed area to expose the bone, and then insert the implant post. The area will then be closed back up and left to heal for several months. The healing process is a very important part in building a strong foundation that holds your crown. If the bone isn’t healed enough, it can become weaker and struggle.

Once the area is healed, you can go back to your dentist and they can attach the crown to the implant post. This is when you will really see the difference that dental implants at Bromley can make.

The benefits

The first advantage that you get with this treatment is longevity, as with the right care your implants can take for around 25 years. This can really help you to live a normal life with a healthy smile, without having to worry about gaps in your teeth.

Another benefit that comes from having this treatment is that when the implant post is in your jaw, it encourages the bone around it to grow, meaning even more stability. This is very beneficial for the strength of the bone in your mouth, as it can be painful when it weakens and causes even more complications.

The appearance of the crown is another big advantage that people love about this treatment, and this comes down to the porcelain material used. It is easy to shape into a tooth, and the shade of white can be adjusted easily if need be. The implant will most likely blend into your other teeth very well, meaning that anyone else wouldn’t even know you had them.

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