Best Destinations for a Post-COVID-19 Wedding Celebration

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, we heard various news reports over the next couple of months about odd weddings. For instance, many couples in New York City rushed to City Hall to get married to settle everything before the lockdown restrictions were strictly enforced. The mindset was that, because a pandemic happened, they didn’t know when they would have the chance again to get married. Other couples, on the other hand, helped Zoom weddings instead. They couldn’t have their friends and families with them in person. But they were still present at the wedding, even if only in digital form. Brides started purchasing bridal jewelry online to still look chic but safe in terms of health.

Such wedding trends prove that, no matter what happens to the world, people would still get married in one way or another. This is certainly inspiring. But it doesn’t mean that some people are happy about this. It’s because, even though the pandemic is still ongoing, it’s very difficult to let go of some of the trends that we love about weddings — namely, destination weddings.

If this is the case for you, it’s important to remember that the pandemic will end sometime. You will have the destination wedding that you’ve been dreaming of. Until then, what you can do is plan your wedding, starting with the destination. These are four destinations that you can take into consideration.

For a Classic Beach Wedding: Antigua, Caribbean

Most of the time, when people dream of a destination wedding, they think of a classic beach wedding. There’s nothing more romantic than tying the knot by the coast while the sun is casting a warm glow upon them as it was setting. The pristine beaches in Antigua, one of the islands in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean region is among the best places to consider for a beach wedding. The white sand is in perfect contrast with the bright blue color of the water. Coconut palm trees create the perfect awning. Such features—and more—create the perfect backdrop for a wedding to remember.

For a Vibrant City Wedding: Marrakesh, Morocco

If you are into unique and vibrant textures and patterns for your wedding, then there’s one whole city perfect for you. And that is Marrakesh, Morocco. Here, you can enjoy a laid-back feel to your wedding while still keeping it lively. Plus, the amazing Moroccan feast that you can lay out for your guests will make this wedding certainly a night to remember. Many celebrities have thought so, too. Chic English model and socialite Poppy Delevigne, the older sister of Cara, got married here to James Cook in 2014. Idris Elba also got married here to the former Miss Vancouver of 2018, Sabrina Dhowre.

bride and groom

For a Wedding in the Heart of Nature: Bali, Indonesia

Tying the knot while being surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant flowers is certainly the dream for many. And there certainly is something symbolic about getting married in the heart of nature. Being surrounded by so much life will certainly make the new life you will start with your new spouse all the more exciting. Bali, Indonesia is perfect for this. Here, you and your guests can explore the forests of this remote area. And you can also enjoy some of the decor and trinkets that are hand-made by the local communities.

For an Urban Chic Wedding: New York City, U.S.A.

People don’t quickly think of New York City when it comes to a destination wedding. It’s a city where millions of people live their ordinary lives. Why celebrate the most important day of your life here, right? But that’s where people go wrong oftentimes. The truth is that New York City has a lot to offer when it comes to unique weddings, making it an ideal destination wedding for many couples. For instance, you can channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and plan your wedding surrounded by books in the New York Public Library. Yes, Carrie didn’t get her happy ending with Mr. Big in this venue. But you certainly can. There are also other places that you can consider such as the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. It’s the perfect venue for a wedding that’s around nature but still very urban and modern.

Because the pandemic is still ongoing, many people might think that planning your destination wedding today is pointless. But that’s not at all true. Planning it now shows your dedication to the future that you’re starting with your future spouse. And it will help you stay positive as we wait for the pandemic to pass.

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