Ring in the New Year with Fresh Design Trends

The New Year has arrived and event planners are already busy working on fresh designs to impress their clients.  More than ever, the 2016 trends in event décor offer a multitude of options for event professionals to create eclectic and immersive environments. Technology continues to shape events in a profound manner, and planners are challenged to design event spaces that incorporate it without sacrificing aesthetics. From touch screen monitors to iPad and... Read More

10 Design Ideas for the New Year

by David Merrell

The New Year. I think of it like an Etch-a-Sketch. Time to shake it up and make some exciting changes to what you do now! Here are 10 design ideas that I hope will excite and inspire you. 1 Tell a Story of Fantasy A few well-placed details took the architecture of this space to Morocco. The lamps, art, screens and draping all helped to envelop the guests in a world of exotic and lush design. The floral color palette of jewel tones hat matched the art w... Read More

Before and After: Seasons of Hope

Creating a fresh, eccentric, 4-seasons look that rivaled any nature herself could craft, AOO Events customized the entire event to fit the venue of choice--the 88,000 sq. foot Pittsburgh Steeler’s practice field. Over a 5-day period and with over 15,000 man hours of labor, the space was transformed from an Astroturf-covered field to an enchanted forest filled with living as well as artificial scenery including trees, shrubbery and boulders with a real water ... Read More

10 Questions with Kristin Banta

Kristin Banta, with her long blond hair – often up high in retro ponytail – quick smile, and inquisitive mind, is a star of the wedding and event world. She can rock a headset on camera or at an event. As a television personality who has been seen on The Ring Leader, The Wedding Planner and a new show in the works, Banta is a natural with her extensive background in fashion, entertainment, and event production, as well as in catering and interior design. We... Read More

Architectural Design + Art Basel

A Collaborative Exhibition

Originating in Europe, Art Basel has been the driving force behind the success of many artists worldwide. The annual festivals held in Miami, Hong Kong and London have elevated from catering to just local artisans to incorporating the international art world. Their creative projects are exhibited in the best and largest galleries and installations are displayed on custom designed staging grounds. Art Basel continues to collaborate with a series of world renowne... Read More

Showroom Design

How MMD Events Shows Off Its Style

Showroom design is an art form. It’s not, as many might think, a place to show trends or what one things a client might like. When done right, it’s a visual palette of your creativity; how you put together colors, design, shapes, patterns and style. In Tampa, MMD Events recently took a cue from interior designers and created a showroom experience that envelops the clients in the style of the owners, Matt and Amanda Allen. A recent expansion of space from... Read More

Before and After

An Artistic Transformation

LOOK2015 had guests looking twice at this amazing before and after design transformation. The fundraiser for the Centennial Planetarium was a collaboration between Boom Goes the Drum, an event production team in Calgary, and Contemporary Calgary, a modern art gallery. The objective was to both elegantly and provocatively expose the 700-plus guests to a wide range of modern art and artists, and create an experience that mimicked the on-the-pulse nature of the ar... Read More

Designing with Light

Celebrating the Festival of Lights

This piece is inspired by of Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights. The eight-day holiday runs this year from December 24 to January 1. To commemorate the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem a menorah holding nine candles (the extra light is used to light the others) is usually placed in the window of a home and each night a new candle is lighted, from left to right until they are all lit. A holiday built all around light is about beauty and inspir... Read More

Culinary Forecast 2016: 5 Yummy Ideas

By Meryl Snow

culilnary trends
Look up "food trends 2016" on Google and you will find a lot about brand agnostic customers, bioregions, mobile technology, micro stores, and more. While these are all important trends to the retailers they certainly aren't appetizing! For 2016 I give you five yummy trends in my culinary forecast. You're welcome! Bacon no longer reigns supreme. The early part of the 21st century will long be remembered for its voracious bacon mania. While we can’t deny th... Read More

Holiday Decor: Fresh and Green

holiday decor
I don't know about you, but I love to see mood boards by other event stylists. These three were created by Natasha Frankowski, Creative Director of PartyArt Design, the new design division of our friends at Culinary Capers Catering in Vancouver. For her other holiday decor mood boards, check back on DesignDawgs here. David Merrell Lead DesignDawg Holiday Designs Inspired by West Coast Mountain Winters ... Read More