This Is How You Should Travel Peru: Guide and Tips

Peru is a common destination on every avid traveler’s bucket list and is one of the most popular countries to visit in South America. From backpackers spending months exploring the gorgeous Inca Trail and hidden hiking spots to vacationers devouring their way through Lima’s delicious food scene—there’s something for everyone in Peru.

The best part is, traveling across Peru is very inexpensive. You don’t need to have a lot of money to explore the country, and you get a bang for your buck whether you backpack the country for months or just come for a one-week trip.

If you’re planning on visiting Peru, use this travel guide to make the most out of the trip. From the best places to explore and things to do, the best time to visit, and tips to enjoy your time while saving money—this guide’s got you covered.

The Best Things to Do in Peru

Although Peru is full of stunning sites to visit and activities to do, here are some of the best ones that you must absolutely do for your next trip.

Explore Lima

The best introduction you can get in Peru is visiting the gorgeous coastal city of Lima. Peru has impressive architecture, buildings, and gardens that you can use as inspiration for your patio or garden at home, and Lima is full of them! Visit the Lacro Museum, Plaza Mayor, and botanical gardens in Lima before you hike out to Machu Picchu or Colca Canyon.

Tackle the Inca Trail

Getting to the ancient city of Machu Picchu is through the just as famous Inca Trail. It’s a multi-day hike that lets you see summits, jungles and step on the very trails the ancient Incas used to take. You can’t hike through this trail independently, and you need to be part of an organized tour or have a private guide.

Immerse Yourself in Machu Picchu

The lost city of the Incas or Machu Picchu is one of the most popular and visited tourist destinations in South America. There are different Temples and other forms of ancient Inca architecture beautifully preserved.

Salkantay for Intimate Hikes

If you’ve been to the Inca Trail before or don’t want to face crowds, hike Salkantay, a remote area that’s just as stunning and half the price—boasting mountain views and summits that rises up to 5,200 meters.

Fly Over Ancient Geoglyphs

The Nasca Lines are ancient geoglyphs dominating the San José desert in Peru’s Nasca Valley, boasting more than 10,000 lines and 300 plant and animal depictions. Nobody knows their origins, making it one mysterious trip you should take. The best way to do this is to fly over the area via a plane or helicopter.

The Best Time to Visit

Peru is a big country, and determining when to visit depends on what you want to explore and do in the nation. However, specific destinations have their ‘best days.’ For instance, the best time to visit Inca Trail is in the winter (June to August), while the June to November for the Amazon since there are fewer rainfalls.

Making the Most Out of the Trip and Money Saving Tips

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Peru is a relatively inexpensive country to explore. The best part is, saving money lets you explore and enjoy your time in Peru like a local, which is always an excellent way to traverse a country.

Here’s how you can make the most of your trip while saving money:

  • Stay at ‘Hospedajes’. These unique hotels are typically family-owned-and ran and are some of the cheapest accommodations you can get in Peru. Plus, it lets you meet locals while getting to live like one.
  • Travel off-season. If you want to save money, traveling off-season is a great way to do just that—and you get to enjoy your trip more with fewer crowds.

Peru is a unique and fascinating nation that easily stands out from the rest with its broad cultural and natural treasures. It’s also home to wonders like the Amazon, Rainbow Mountain, Lima, and several hidden gems. It’s a diverse country with endless destinations to cover—and this guide can help you make the most out of your trip, helping you make lifetime friends and memories.

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