Teeth Straightening: The Benefits Beyond The Aesthetic

We all know the most obvious benefit of orthodontics is the aesthetics, and it often seems that everyone is hunting for that straight, white, Hollywood smile.

And as great as this is, hunting something purely for aesthetic purposes isn’t always the healthiest motivation; so with that in mind, this article takes a look at all the other health benefits of having a more aligned smile.

Why Do We Have Wonky Teeth?

wonky teeth

It’s actually really interesting to look back over how our teeth have evolved; when we look at the evidence, there are plenty of examples from all over the world of how the alignment of our teeth has deteriorated over time. In fact, back when humans first roamed the earth, their teeth were better aligned; wonky or overlapping teeth just weren’t a thing.

There have been a few different reasons that people think teeth have evolved into the mismatched shape they often are now, but it’s largely thought to be down to our modern diets. The lack of raw meat and crunchy veg has softened our jaws and pushed our teeth out of shape, and we can see from isolated indigenous people that exist today that they don’t tend to have the same misalignment as those living in developed countries.

What Are The Benefits?

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As mentioned already, the most obvious is that the look is to be a more desirable one; however, as we become a more diverse and inclusive society, our ideals of beauty change and begin to accept other types of beauty beyond the traditional.

For those who feel self-conscious about their smiles, correcting their teeth can go beyond just making them feel better; it can genuinely boost their confidence and give them a really important self-esteem lift. Those who feel confident and proud are proven to achieve higher at work, at school and in personal development; therefore, correcting your smile can go much further than tooth-deep.

Another key benefit for those with a history of migraines and teeth grinding is that often correcting the alignment of your teeth will stop the grinding. Grinding is bad for a couple of reasons, the first being that you grind away the top layers of enamel on your teeth, causing permanent damage. Secondly, grinding can cause tension and stress on the face and jaw muscles, which goes on to cause migraines.

Finally, if you’re struggling with gut and digestion problems, your teeth could well be causing a negative impact. When teeth are misaligned, the wrong teeth may come together when chewing, which can result in inefficient digestion, not releasing the correct acids and leaving food to sit in the gut a lot longer. Food that is in the gut undigested can cause bloating, gas build-up, tenderness and just general discomfort. It is often in these situations that people reach for medications to help, which when used frequently, can cause further issues.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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