Sedation and anaesthesia when getting oral implants in Melbourne

Every dentist receives requests about sedation and anaesthetic. More often than not from nervous patients or people who would rather be unconscious during their dental procedures than awake. Considering that having a dental implants Melbourne fitted is a procedure which is fairly invasive and used to be considered very much a surgical rather than an in clinic option, it is completely understandable.

As dentists no longer carry out oral implant fittings in an operating theatre setting, with the use of an anaesthesiologist, it would be inappropriate for us to carry out full anaesthesia. Many patients do not realise that there are significant risks that come along with full anaesthesia and there is a reason why the profession of anaesthesiologist is so critical to how modern medicine is performed. The availability of anesthesiologists is now a bottleneck in how many operations hospitals can perform, making it a better choice to offer procedures in clinics.

It was when these procedures were developed that allowed dental teams to perform these oral implant fittings in clinics. The availability of these procedures became widespread and the costs were reduced, implantation at the time is now virtually painless, due to the use of local anaesthesia and numbing agents. That said, the immediate recovery can be uncomfortable and many dental teams recommend those who have undergone the first session of their implantation to avoid hard foods and use over-the-counter pain relief.

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This does little to help those who have a real concern about how it will feel when they are in the chair during the procedure. Regardless of how painless it may be, the act of being immobile and vulnerable can be overwhelming, and as such, many dentists can offer additional sedation. This is done using two drugs. One is an IV sedative/ barbiturate, which will induce a calm dream-like state but you will still be conscious. Twilight sedation, particularly when paired with the use of nitrous oxide or laughing gas (although your dentist wouldn’t expect their patients to burst out in peals of laughter); it will simply help you to feel relaxed and will enhance a pleasant tingling sensation. This is administered through a small mask which you wear over your nose and mouth just before the start of the procedure. The re-administering of this gas and air mix can occur periodically throughout the treatment if required.

Dental anxieties

Dental anxieties can be extremely isolating and crippling, this is compounded by the idea that those who have an aversion to dentists are somehow in the minority. The truth of the matter is that nearly one in three patients have some concerns about the dentist and so, dentists are extremely empathetic to the needs of their patients. Sedation options allow you to remain as comfortable as possible and although conscious, it is improbable that you will remember in any great detail the nature of your procedure or the experience beyond a pleasant haze. As you will remain conscious for the length of the procedure you will always be able to to signal to your dentist to stop at any point and provide essential feedback that helps to make oral implants in Australia so successful.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

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