Orthodontics Navan, removing poor vibes caused by oral health difficulties

Personal motivation can often be disrupted by a loss of self-confidence due to an aesthetic imperfection. Understanding the important part that your teeth play in your life is half the battle in restoring your self-esteem. Our faces dictate who we are and through a variety of circumstances, dental and jaw misalignment can put you at a disadvantage. Dentistry for centuries has been trying to find ways to straighten teeth and there is evidence of the ancient Egyptians using catgut on their patients. As far back as the eighteen hundreds a dental brace made of metal was used. Orthodontics Navan employs the latest dental equipment to treat dental misalignments such as overcrowded, crooked and spacing teeth problems.

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Identifying dental problems starts with education and a passionate team of dental staff who are motivated by the successful results that have been achieved by this dental practice since it was first established over two decades ago. Being able to examine children while they still have their baby teeth and before their adult teeth start to erupt through their gums gives them the opportunity to identify any dental issues that may cause problems later. Teaching family members the correct techniques to brush their teeth and advising on the correct toothbrush will help to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Misaligned teeth can be an hereditary issue or as a result of thumb sucking or being on a baby bottle for too long. Whatever the reason, this dentist has the team with the skills, expertise and knowledge to guide they patients to correct dental misalignment problems.

Helping your teeth to Work well and look good!

As a responsible twenty-first century dental practice their primary function is to ensure that your teeth perform their main function, endure and are aesthetically pleasing. Teeth that are crooked cannot chew food properly which may cause digestive problems. Crooked and overcrowded teeth also create places that are difficult to reach by brushing and flossing which can lead to bacteria buildup and tooth decay. Overbites, underbites and gaps can also dent your self esteem making you very self-conscious when you want to laugh causing you to develop the habit of covering your mouth with your hand. Fortunately they have years of experience in helping patients overcome all these challenges by correcting their dental misalignments and other orthodontic conditions.

See how your smile can look

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The latest developments in dental orthodontics using technology allows them to use digital X-Ray equipment, 3D scanners, computer hardware, software and algorithms to be able to produce a virtual image of how your smile will look even before they start treating you. Being able to see an actual image of your mouth, should motivate you in the knowledge that you can achieve that smile that you have always wanted.

Braces and aligners

We use a variety of dental braces and aligners which can be visible or virtually invisible depending on your preference. Some patients enjoy having colourful braces while others prefer their dental appliance to be inconspicuous, either way you can decide. The philosophy at this practice is to provide you with all the information that you need and to guide you but the final decision is yours. Your ability to display a broad confident smile is just a phone call away, why not make that call?

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