A happier smile starts with healthier teeth

Many patients look forward to the aesthetic benefits of tooth-straightening treatments – that of a warm, appealing smile – but there are other weightier arguments that encourage patients to consider orthodontic treatment. Simply put, straightening teeth so that they are in their proper natural position offers a myriad of highly desirable outcomes. These outcomes range from protecting teeth to making teeth and gums easier and more effective to clean to longstanding psychosocial benefits such as raising self-esteem.

Orthodontic appliances including the ever-popular removable clear aligners conveniently available from Clear Braces Direct London make correcting teeth alignment issues comfortable, convenient and affordable. The introduction of clear aligners to the orthodontics market has made it a highly favoured treatment option for adult patients. Since the availability of an orthodontic appliance that can not only be removed easily by the patient only at certain permissible times which being mainly at mealtimes and cleaning teeth. It is barely distinguishable when worn, more and more adults have been encouraged to consider having their teeth straightened. According to the latest official figures, more than 60 per cent of dental practitioners have reported that they have seen a dramatic rise in adult patients enquiring about adult orthodontic treatment because of orthodontic appliances such as Invisalign.

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The amazing effects of straightened teeth

The following are some of the main psychological and physical benefits of straightened teeth:

  • Huge boost in confidence

The key to interacting with others, whether it is in a professional context or social situation, is to have a good level of confidence. While confidence is felt within, a beautiful wide smile is the most commonly used way to show it to others. This means that the outside world looks to one’s smile to make certain inferences without a person having to say a single word. These assumptions can take the form of how pleasant someone is to engage with or how capable they might be in doing a particular task.

Without confidence, it is nearly impossible to get on in life which is why having a smile one can be proud of is so important. Confidence is really the direct link between grabbing opportunities and success.

  • Reinforces the health of the mouth

For a mouth to be considered healthy, it has to be clean and free of trapped food and bad bacteria. Daily brushing and flossing at home play a key role in keeping the mouth clean, and in order for this to be maintained successfully, teeth have to be easy and simple to clean. This is easiest to do when teeth are properly aligned. When teeth are kept clean, there is very little risk of any gum problems surfacing.

  • Enhances mood

The physical act of smiling has a therapeutic effect on uplifting mood. Through this act, a silent message is sent to the brain to release ‘good-feeling’ endorphins that encourages us to feel happy and positive.

For a reputable orthodontic service provider, please contact Clear Braces Direct for more information on the different types of orthodontic appliances available for affordable, aesthetics-focused tooth-straightening goals.

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