7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for the New Year

Planning to give your home a new look for the New Year? Well, you’ve come to the right place since we have a lot of great ideas about how you can greet the New Year with a fresh-looking home.

Here are some great ideas to spruce up your home for the New Year.

1. Thorough Cleaning

Before doing anything else, you should clean your home thoroughly. While this is challenging especially if you have a big house, you can systematize everything and clean your home in sections. But before you start, you should have everything you need to clean the house properly.

Deep cleaning the house removes all the dust and dirt that have accumulated over the years. After going through deep cleaning, you should make sure to maintain the cleanliness of your home. This allows you to avoid going through the whole thing all over again.

2. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home gives it a new look for the New Year. You can make your home have a lighter and brighter ambiance depending on the paint you’ll be using. It may even make your home look bigger than it already is.

You can paint the bedroom or powder room yourself. But when it comes to bigger areas, such as the living room, you may want to find a licensed general home contractor to do the work for you.

You can use colors that reflect your personality and style. But if you’re planning to sell the house, you should avoid dark colors even if you love it. You can use neutral to make it appealing to potential buyers.

3. Get More Shelves and Storage

You can also add shelves and storage in different parts of the house. More shelf and storage space allows you to organize your home better. You can add them to the closet, pantry, and even your garage. It will help declutter your home and keep things off the floor.

Storage baskets and vertical shelves are also useful inside the rooms. Your garage can also use wire shelving and plastic bins. You can also store your bike on a vertical bike rack while waiting for the best time to use it again.

4. Invest in Smart Devices

Smart devices offer a lot of practical benefits for homeowners. Aside from making things convenient, they also help reduce energy bills and help protect your home. In the past, smart devices cost an arm and a leg. But these days, you have several affordable options to modernize your home without breaking the bank.

Investing in smart devices is among the best things you can do to spruce up your home for the New Year. You can add smart doorbells, WiFi-equipped smoke detectors, and smart locks. A smart home system also lets you avoid leaving the garage light on overnight.

These smart devices even allow you to monitor your home even if you’re at work. They make your life easier and spruce up your home for the New Year.

5. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Sprucing up the home isn’t limited to getting new things to make it look great. You should also get rid of things you don’t need anymore. These items include unused furniture, unused cookbooks, expired food, and even old receipts that have been sitting in your kitchen drawer for years.

You can either donate some still usable items to charity or you can rent a self-storage facility for items you want to hold on to. But it’s better to simply get rid of unnecessary belongings in the home.

6. Upgrade the Kitchen

Another thing you should do is to check the condition of your kitchen appliances. The fridge may not be as cool as it was when you first bought it. Or you may have been experiencing issues with your oven while cooking the turkey for Thanksgiving.

If any of your kitchen appliances have been with you for the past decade or so, you may want to replace them. Most kitchen appliances these days aren’t designed to last more than 10 years. So, shopping around for new kitchen equipment will spruce up your kitchen for the New Year.

7. Decorate with Art

Do you have a lot of blank walls in your home? You can make them look great by decorating them with art. Framed prints can make a bare wall look better. If you’re not keen on hanging paintings on the wall, you can also use colorful wallpaper to make it pleasing to the eye.

Sprucing up your home give you a fresh perspective in life and greet the New Year with a bang.

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