Building a New Mouse Trap

charity events
It’s not often that someone comes up with a better mousetrap, and in the world of charity events, it’s downright unheard of. Yet, with his new venture, House of Distinction, Canadian event planner Aidan Henry might have come close. “There are two big issues with signature events and galas,” Henry said. Henry, also owner of Brink Events in Victoria, knows the ropes. “I’ve produced numerous galas and signature events for charities and non-profits. ... Read More

Giving Thanks: Event Pros Take Action

As in every profession we event professionals lead lives dictated by strenuous schedules generally consumed with work and more work – current projects and future proposals. Five years ago however, a couple of our industry leaders, whom a few of us have come to revere as “the Wolfpack,” came together and thought … what if they took a moment out of their own lives and businesses to give back to not just their community but to people whom they’ve never m... Read More

Holiday Decor: Branching Out

By Meryl Snow

meryl snow
An excerpt from Meryl Snow’s new DVD: Style Me Pretty and Profitable What is inspiration? It is that which takes you by surprise and evokes intense emotion. It moves you to action. Being open to inspiration is a lifestyle, an ongoing belief that the world is an exhilarating and intensely interesting place. Inspiration comes from direct sources such as industry and design magazines, print and visual media, music etc. However indirect sources in our lives ab... Read More

Before and After: Campfire in the City

The before and after comes from the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation celebration in Los Angeles; the 26th Annual A Time for Heroes family festival. Held at Smashbox Studios this year, the event has raised more than $35 million since it's inception. It was produced for the second year in a row by Troy Williams of Simply Troy Lifestyle + Events. There were  several lively areas and activities, all meant to engage guests of all ages, as well as incor... Read More

10 Questions with Laura Cardo

Laura Cardo
For the past three years, Laura Cardo has been the marketing director of Kristin Banta Events, guiding the unique weddings and social events the company does, organizing an array of speaking engagements for Banta that have the company traveling from Carmel to Orlando to Las Vegas, along with a new TV project for KBE in the works. This coming year, the weddings Banta, Cardo and team will work on range from a comic book-inspired wedding at Warner Bros. Studios an... Read More

Holiday Decor Mood Boards

Winter Rustic to Boho Glam

holiday decor
Some holiday decor ideas from our friends to the north! Culinary Capers has a new division called PartyArt Design led by Natasha Frankoswki and she shares some winter mood boards here. Like fresh snow, fresh inspiration is a thing of beauty!  David Merrell, Lead DesignDawgs By Deb Lykkemark After executing  Nordstrom Vancouver’s multiple opening events ranging from 500 to 3,000 guests, our in-house creative dynamo Natasha Frankowski of PartyArt Desig... Read More

Reworking It: Los Angeles Fashion Week

Going Gothic Without a Hint of Black

Los Angeles Fashion Week
Mere shadows perched on chic furnishings at the VIP lounge at Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW) were not some statement on the city and its denizens. They were in fact works of art installed by David Sposato, owner of Rework-D. Although a resident and commercial designer, Sposato was asked by the organizers of LAFW to infuse the event, held at Los Angeles' iconic Union Station, with just this type of edgy design to connect LAFW to the city and its artists. ... Read More

10 Questions with Liese Gardner

Liese Gardner is what you could call a trained observer of the event industry and positioning within it. First, as an editor of several magazines, then as a marketing professional working with top brands and creative individuals. She continues to be fueled by the passions that drive us which could be anything from new marketing concepts to how we work, which is often explored on her blog. Here are a few passions that drive her as revealed to DesignDawgs when we... Read More

Jack-o-Lantern Designs

A Bit of History, and A Current Look

Jack-o-Lanterns have been the universal symbol of Halloween for centuries. According to the History Channel, the legend dates back to an Irish myth about a man named Stingy Jack. As the tale goes, Jack made several deals with the Devil, which never goes over well with God. Soon after, the Devil felt tricked by Jack's deals. Basically, no one liked him. After Jack passed on, the legend has it, he was never allowed to enter heaven or hell because of his untrustwo... Read More

Halloween Inspiration: A Zombie Event

A Walking Dead Birthday Party

I love it when an event professional who is known for one "look" or type of event surprises us with something so completely opposite. To be able to express our full talent talent and creativity is the reason we do what we do as event professionals. In this piece, International Event Company and their team show us how it's done! David Merrell Lead DesignDawg After four years of designing and producing an elegant birthday party for this particular client, Jo... Read More