Event Design: Down and Dirty to Pretty and Flirty

Before and After

The Coast Concierge event design team headed by Rene Puebla recently welcomed the challenge to transform a raw space into a vibrant celebratory atmosphere. The occasion commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the town of Perris, Riverside. The design team had one week to transform this dirt lot into an elegant evening for 300 people. As you can see, they took it from down and dirty to a pretty and flirty event design! [before-after viewer_position="center"] ... Read More

California Design Style

A Product Launch in Malibu

Eloise Dejoria Fashionwear Launch
On a gorgeous Malibu day, friends and supporters of Eloise DeJoria, fashion designer and entrepreneur, gathered in a private home on the beach for a California design style product launch produced by Carl Bendix and his team at Jupiter Ambrosia. The tagline for the event, “Let Love Bloom” created by DeJoria's design team member, Susie Shaughnessy, set the tone for the California design style abundant with vibrant colors and fresh perspectives. Looking ou... Read More

Two Questions Every Event Pro Should Ask

two questions every event planner
At Wellington Group, Joan Wells and Jada Hill ask their clients the same two questions every event pro should ask and answer. They are the same ones the two women asked themselves when they started their company in 1994. “How limitless is your imagination?” and strategically, “How can we shape that idea to align with the essence of your company?” It wasn't enough to plan flawless events, the founders wanted to be able to make an impact with the company ... Read More

Three Trends in African Design

By Contemporary Events

For many years we've heard it said that African event designers have become over saturated with western style; shying away from our own natural expression of music, design and food. As  designers in Africa, we at at Contemporary Events would like to address some of those myths! The continent, and South Africa in particular, is culturally diverse and we endeavor to exhibit the existence of the African perspective as both functional and innovative.We are blessed... Read More

Wedding White: Creating a Neutral Palette

By Carol McKibben

wedding white
Kristin Najarian wanted a “white” October reception when she married Quintan Cockerell. Not a big fan of color and loving neutrals, she asked for an all-white wonderland for her reception, held at the Terranea Resort (where Quintan proposed) on the ocean at Rancho Palos Verde, California. What she got was timeless wedding white -- both classic and contemporary and definitely timeless. Platinum Weddings by Kerrie filled the reception with flowers galo... Read More

Top Tips on Hiring Big Name Entertainment

By David Merrell

hiring big name entertainment
Hiring big name entertainment is something that my company, AOO Events, and I have done often over the years. From Bruno Mars and Robin Thicke to Michael Buble and Melissa Etheridge, there are several things I've learned that are universal and I share them here. [caption id="attachment_5916" align="alignnone" width="800"] The stage is set for Bruno Mars at a private event. See last week's post for more on this. Photo: Verofoto[/caption] 1. Top name entert... Read More

A Wedding Celebration with a Middle Eastern Design

persian wedding
For a pre-wedding celebration,  Event Group Productions in Pittsburgh contracted one of the city's museums. The objective of the 150-person event was to use specific elements that would highlight the family's Persian culture with Middle Eastern design. A menu of Iranian food, authentic Iranian music and dancers were all part of the event. Warm colors, fabrics and textures created a Middle Eastern design environment. One challenge was the very modern, and Ame... Read More

San Diego Destination Wedding

Oscar and Gary’s Fabulous Self-Planned Wedding By Carol McKibben

san diego destination wedding
When Oscar De las salas and Gary Jackson decided to get married at Centennial Park in Coronado, California, they wanted their San Diego destination wedding to underscore their diverse backgrounds, perspectives and continents. Like their different styles, energy and talents, they wanted their wedding to reflect the balance they had discovered with each other in life and love. Gary was born in a small port town north of Seattle, Washington, while Oscar was bor... Read More

Hollywood Design Style

AOO Events Turns Up the Heat on Hollywood Design Style

5A - title pic
The Hollywood Athletic Club has been the site of many exciting and well-documented rock ’n roll blowouts. This night was no different, but instead of hundreds of people, the club had been bought out for an intimate, perfectly choreographed birthday party for 100 guests. AOO Events was at the center of this intersection of Hollywood design style and Las Vegas glitz. Creative director, David Merrell, integrated décor, floral and digital mapping with the sta... Read More

Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles

ace hotel
Ace Hotel currently has seven locations from New York to Portland, all the way to London and back down to Panama. Yet, the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles is one of its more creative ventures. It has become well known for its trendy take on retro style. The mix of downtown Los Angeles and the glamour of old Hollywood with modern amenities and wildly dressed hipsters makes it a special place. A stray from the traditional hotel, artists love the inviting quality of des... Read More