Fall into the Autumn Event Season with CORT

By Erinn Jones, Marketing Manager at CORT  [caption id="attachment_7589" align="aligncenter" width="830"] Power up the possibilities with the Endless Powered Collection. Create unique seating arrangements with this powered, modular seating.[/caption] Summer has come to an end and the crisp fall season is slowly blossoming. No matter what type of event you’re planning this season, autumn brings a cool vibe and a different set of needs expectations for e... Read More

Event Pros Take Action: New Orleans 2016

Event Pros Take Action (EPTA) returned for the sixth time to NOLA this summer to help a community in need. 11 years after Katrina Swept through the Gulf destroying everything in its' path including parts of NOLA, remarkably there is still work to be done. EPTA has been happy to assist in the recovery, sending hundreds of event industry volunteers over the years from around the country to lend a hand. Each year we work on homes being rebuilt by St. Bernard Proj... Read More

Wedding Design: A Multicultural Fusion of Love

A modern day fusion of cultures while showcasing design perfection. Thrilled to share this wedding! - David Merrell. When Niki and Erik approached wedding planner Kerrie Underhill (Platinum Weddings by Kerrie) they initially had some pretty distinct ideas about the color palette for their wedding. Their choice of coral and gray with shades of white mixed in seamlessly. Beyond that the couple remained totally open to ideas and eager to plan. Since their we... Read More

Magnificent Table Design: LUXE Launch 2016

"Luxe Linen is not only a leader in providing one of a kind event linens, they also provide exceptional service every time I have the pleasure of interacting with them. Each year, their launch becomes bigger and more sought after with table designs to keep us inspired throughout the year. Here is a complete list of all the looks from Luxe's most recent launch event." - David Merrell  Luxe Linen's LUXE Launch Party is an annual event, aimed at introducing cl... Read More

Before and After: Pacific Event Lighting

When event industry professionals are tasked to work on events for their family, it’s certainly an honor, but at the same time it can be a daunting task. This was the case for Marc Weinstock of Pacific Event Lighting when his younger brother got married. He wanted to ensure the event went off flawlessly while respecting the venue and offering a magical look in a large outdoor space, his parent’s backyard. [caption id="attachment_7460" align="aligncenter"... Read More

Event Tech: Table Mapping Technology with XPL

Table Mapping Technology
We have all been following the amazing new technology for digital mapping. It is an awesome way to take guests on a journey and tell a story of the brand. Now THIS is a way I have not seen it used before and this is completely innovative. - David Merrell If Content is King, Delivery is Queen by XPL's Kevin White The ability to emotionally connect with audiences has become far more difficult in our interconnected world.  As we get ever closer to instan... Read More

Five Reasons To Rent For Your Next Event

Many planners wonder if they should buy or rent for the next event and which one is easier throughout the planning process. Personally, I do both and find it works based on the client's budget. One thing for sure, is companies such as CORT always make things much easier whenever we decide to go the rental route. A special thank you to CORT's Erinn Jones for these top tips. - David Merrell. by CORT Event Furnishings' Erinn Jones Your company is working on ... Read More

10 Questions With Culinary Bad Boy: Chef Chris Nirschel

It has been a while since we have caught up with an event industry expert to get their scoop on our signature ten questions. Here we return with one of the most sought after chefs in the industry, Chris Nirschel who is also a good friend of mine and a member of our DesignDawgs advisory board. See what Chris has to say in our latest Ten Questions feature here! - David Merrell Chef Chris Nirschel is the founder and CEO of Culinary Bad Boy Productions, a New Y... Read More

The New Children’s Museum – San Diego

The New Children's Museum
An exciting space, perfect for the creative eye. Looking forward to seeing the events that will be curated at this space! -David Merrell The New Children’s Museum in San Diego is 50,000 square feet of creative and ever-changing and urban space perfect for corporate meetings, weddings and other special eventsof up to 1,000 guests. Or, we suggest just stopping in for a visit; there is always something new happening. For instance, last week, an event held by ... Read More

Before and After: A LUXE Transformation

While special events are always exciting, the pressure to be creative and inspiring can be a bit challenging at times. Transformations like these show that the inspiration flows in so many ways. - David Merrell. When approaching this raw space our imaginations immediately took off. Our LUXE Creative space transformations take months of planning, hundreds of hours from experienced event professionals who look at every light bulb, flower, object, paint color,... Read More