Designer’s Notebook: Forces of Nature – Sealed With a Kiss

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"This is one of those events that simply gives me endless amounts of inspiration. I am thrilled to see event designers using design elements to create such an unbelievable transformation. Transformations like these truly set the bar for innovative thinking and creative expertise." - David Merrell Forces of Nature is a truly amazing event unique to Pittsburgh. This year's "Forces of Nature: Color Our World" featured five local event designers, and The Eve... Read More

Before and After: Modern Day Love Letter

before and after
"This transformation is truly exquisite. At first I could not believe that the raw space with windows is the same space depicting the finished product. I think the only recognizable item in images from this event is the patterned concrete floor that looks like hardwood, the way that it is lit. Read more about this niche, one of the five created, at the recent Forces of Nature: Color Our World event. It is truly a modern day love letter." - David Merrell ... Read More

Design Flexibility with Stereobot wows the world of event design with flexible design technology.

"Every event designer looks forward to that client with an unlimited budget. When a client comes to me with an unlimited budget and says 'make it happen,' this is the type of technology I like to bring to them and say 'see we made it happen.' The structures that Stereobot are capable of, which can be reconfigured throughout an event, opens us up to a world of endless design possibilities." - David Merrell. Downtown design and building technology company Stereo... Read More

Event Business is Great—And How to Fix It

Event Business
As a long time friend and colleague, I consider Lisa a valuable resource for information within the special events industry. I am thrilled she created this very relevant outline for the DesignDawgs community and it is an honor to share it with you. Warm regards - David Merrell by Lisa Hurley The good news: All our predictions point to a great year for special event business in 2016. The bad news: Sometimes good news brings its own set of headaches. Eve... Read More

Event Pros Take Action: Forces of Nature

forces of nature
by David E. Merrell Every once in a while, you come across one of those events that is full of inspiration. Forces of Nature is one such event. It is a collaboration between a stellar group of event design-firms along with prominent event sponsors, all from the Pittsburgh area. The event is full of design inspiration and the eye candy is truly a feast for the eyes. What makes the Forces of Nature event even more inspiring is the fact that it is a fundrai... Read More

An Industry Snapshot with King Dahl

King Dahl
Prominent event professional King Dahl was recently inducted into the 2016 Event Solutions Hall of Fame. Stemming from his passion for art, environmental aesthetics and music, King embarked on a flourishing career in event production, design and public speaking. Inspired by free-thinking visionaries, since 1982 he has produced event environments throughout the world for numerous celebrities, dozens of Fortune 500 clients and many meaningful charitable f... Read More

Before and After: Exotic Car Reveal

before and after
It's been important for me to connect with the younger generation of event professionals. I have seen so much growth in the industry because of companies such as 3 Pillars Events and it is truly an honor to be able to inspire my peers with new and innovative ideas and concepts.  David Merrell Lead DesignDawg For this event, 3 Pillars Events transformed a car rental warehouse into a lounge for Keurig’s Launch of their 2.0 model. The full service entertai... Read More

Miami Events: Tropical Paradise Meets Urban Lifestyle

Miami Events
[caption id="attachment_7107" align="aligncenter" width="800"] This featured Miami beach wedding is a collaboration with two time Industry Award winner Jose Graterol designs.[/caption] Miami/South Florida is a worldwide gateway for visitors and locals alike. A fusion of large urban city with many cultural influences, fast paced lifestyle, a vibrant cultural arts and music scene, burgeoning tech and entrepreneurial hub and of course a tropical, fun party atmo... Read More

Golf Season with CORT and PRO EM Party and Event Rentals

It’s officially golf tournament season!  The streets of Scottsdale, AZ bustled with visitors for the annual Waste Management Phoenix Open (WMPO).  For an entire record-breaking week, the TPC Scottsdale was a social mecca for golf enthusiasts and socialites alike.  Over 618,000 attendees visited TPC Scottsdale during the annual tournament, making it the highest attended WMPO event to date. The event, put together every year by the talented team at PRO EM Pa... Read More

10 Questions With Janice Cardinale

IMG_6081 (800x533)
DesignDawgs recently caught up with Janice Cardinale, owner and creative director of The Idea Hunter  in Toronto, Canada. Cardinale is known for creating customized event solutions through the process of tracking down cutting-edge event design and entertainment ideas in the special events industry. Her passion to live, work and share ideas has made The Idea Hunter a valuable resource for all corporate planners, producers and industry professionals. We were t... Read More