10 Questions With Culinary Bad Boy: Chef Chris Nirschel

It has been a while since we have caught up with an event industry expert to get their scoop on our signature ten questions. Here we return with one of the most sought after chefs in the industry, Chris Nirschel who is also a good friend of mine and a member of our DesignDawgs advisory board. See what Chris has to say in our latest Ten Questions feature here! - David Merrell Chef Chris Nirschel is the founder and CEO of Culinary Bad Boy Productions, a New Y... Read More

The New Children’s Museum – San Diego

The New Children's Museum
An exciting space, perfect for the creative eye. Looking forward to seeing the events that will be curated at this space! -David Merrell The New Children’s Museum in San Diego is 50,000 square feet of creative and ever-changing and urban space perfect for corporate meetings, weddings and other special eventsof up to 1,000 guests. Or, we suggest just stopping in for a visit; there is always something new happening. For instance, last week, an event held by ... Read More

Before and After: A LUXE Transformation

before and after
While special events are always exciting, the pressure to be creative and inspiring can be a bit challenging at times. Transformations like these show that the inspiration flows in so many ways. - David Merrell. When approaching this raw space our imaginations immediately took off. Our LUXE Creative space transformations take months of planning, hundreds of hours from experienced event professionals who look at every light bulb, flower, object, paint color,... Read More

Rethinking Trendy Event Design for 2016

Even though I speak on trends quite often, it's always great to hear the perspective of other event professionals who can tell us which trends to stay away from! I am thrilled to share this perspective from AFR Event Furnishing's Kate Bartlett. - David Merrell The second quarter is upon us, and we are already loving the event design trends that we are seeing. It is a complete move toward the modern from top to bottom. However, as we make a 180 degree shift... Read More

The LINE Hotel – Los Angeles

HVK_Adrian Gaut (1280x853)
The LINE is a Los Angeles hotel with one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor event spaces, an outdoor pool, three restaurants, two bars, a speakeasy and floor-to-ceiling views from every guestroom. Located in Koreatown, the historic building underwent a complete restoration before opening its doors in 2015. The venue is half-mile away from LA's iconic art deco theater The Wiltern, with several bars grocery stores, and coffee shops also within walking distance. ... Read More

Design Treat: 4 Ways to Utilize Rentivist

"I consider Rentivist an ideal treat for every event designer. The website connects owners of items with the people who need to rent it. Think of it as an eBay for the event industry, but you rent instead of buying. There is a lot of eye candy and I can see this being used as an even greater tool to get ideas for style pages and more. I am thrilled to share this new world of renting with the DesignDawgs community!" - David Merrell Rentivist is the latest... Read More

Shedding Light on the Game of Thrones Premiere

Game Of Throne Premiere Season 6 Party, Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood
"The public obsession with Game of Thrones has become somewhat of a phenomenon within the past few years. I think Billy Butchkavitz and the entire design team did an extraordinary job capturing the energy and essence of the show, turning the premiere into an authentic and memorable experience for the cast and crew. I could not be more thrilled to share this design inspiration with the DesignDawgs community!" - David Merrell By Liese Gardner Photos by Gabo... Read More

Designer’s Notebook: Forces of Nature – Sealed With a Kiss

View More: http://leeannmarie.pass.us/eventgroup
"This is one of those events that simply gives me endless amounts of inspiration. I am thrilled to see event designers using design elements to create such an unbelievable transformation. Transformations like these truly set the bar for innovative thinking and creative expertise." - David Merrell Forces of Nature is a truly amazing event unique to Pittsburgh. This year's "Forces of Nature: Color Our World" featured five local event designers, and The Eve... Read More

Before and After: Modern Day Love Letter

before and after
"This transformation is truly exquisite. At first I could not believe that the raw space with windows is the same space depicting the finished product. I think the only recognizable item in images from this event is the patterned concrete floor that looks like hardwood, the way that it is lit. Read more about this niche, one of the five created, at the recent Forces of Nature: Color Our World event. It is truly a modern day love letter." - David Merrell ... Read More

Design Flexibility with Stereobot

Stereo.bot wows the world of event design with flexible design technology.

"Every event designer looks forward to that client with an unlimited budget. When a client comes to me with an unlimited budget and says 'make it happen,' this is the type of technology I like to bring to them and say 'see we made it happen.' The structures that Stereobot are capable of, which can be reconfigured throughout an event, opens us up to a world of endless design possibilities." - David Merrell. Downtown design and building technology company Stereo... Read More