Zip Your Guests to New Heights

At your next event, soar to great heights…


…and venture up to 25’ in the air, well above your event – strap yourself in – and zip away.
Designs by Distinctions has raised the bar providing the only zip line permitted to operate in all 50 states.

The Superzip, will test your guests’ courage, as they line to scale the steps that will lead them with only one way down – zip lining.

The Logistics. Short and Quick.

Participant will zip over the crowd at heights up to 25′ and up to distances of 220’ long. Hooting and hollering all the way down.
Two people can zip simultaneously at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. With two there’s double the courage.
The wait time is minimal, and up to 200 per hour can ride. So all can enjoy.

The Superzip’s team has insured this design is the safest in the industry. And more so, are on site to (again) not only offer additional courage – but to ensure your guests are knowledgeable and safe.


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