We’re Flattered…


How does one get a H20” x D20” into a flat box? You flatten it of course!

Ronen Rental Boutique Event Furnishings has given us one tasty dawg treat to chew on with the introduction of Flattered – the personalized coffee table.


“This is a table that is meant to be personalized with anything that comes in mind,” says Rone Tamary, co-founder and president of Ronen Rental. “A logo, a name, a sentence, or even a picture from Instagram can all be printed directly on the table top making it a unique item and a great focal point at events.”


Flattered’s truly innovative design concept is indeed a great focal point at events and engages your guests into conversation giving a whole new meaning to “coffee table conversations.”


Ronen has crafted the table to fit into a flat box that is able to ship anywhere. With the ability to print literally anything a top of this birch plywood table design, clients (who can rent or buy) will find branded it easily as a mailed letter.

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