Welcome to the New DesignDawgs!

Welcome to the new DesignDawgs!

If you’ve been following DesignDawgs since 2006, first of all Thank You! If you are just joining us, Welcome!

It’s a place where we can let our ideas run free and find inspiration from each other. It’s funny, even today, with all the internet apps and sites, I still have an inspiration board in my office. I keep it there because it’s what led me to start DesignDawgs — only this is a virtual inspiration destination.

We started DesignDawgs what seems an eon ago (time moves fast in the digital world) to create an inclusive, wide-reaching place on the internet where event professionals could read about and see a wide range of event design.

With the launch of the new DesignDawgs in 2014, we’ve widened our content as you can see, and made it so that more contributors will be able to contribute. It’s our intent to give rise to more voices, more collaboration and more unique design ideas that straddle a wide range of disciplines for our readers to view.

I’ll continue to post my design inspirations, trends and ideas as I have. Only now I’ll be running with an even larger pack of creative people!

So join the pack, and let’s make some noise!


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David E. Merrell

In addition to being the founder of DesignDawgs, David Merrell is the Owner and Creative Director of AOO Events. His name has become synonymous with cutting-edge event design for live and staged productions. David is a sought-after producer with a growing list of Fortune 500 and international corporations for product launches, corporate events, celebrity-attended fundraisers as well as intimate weddings.

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