Weddings in Costa Rica

A design for happiness

Costa Rica often ranks high in measures of happiness. Although it’s not a particularly wealthy country in terms of GDP, research suggests that GDP may not be the best indicator of national well-being. Consider that the per capita GDP of the United States is about four times higher than that of Costa Rica, but the United States ranks 16th for subjective happiness.

Moral of that story — money isn’t everything.

In fact, the laid back lifestyle of Costa Rica, and the happiness of the people there is reflected in their event design, particularly weddings. Take Son Soles, a family-run small business.

Son Soles began in 1989, a small family business run by Andres Sanchez and his wife, Ana Gil. Ana puts her graphic design degree to use as the designer while Andres, who also does some of the design, exercises his degree in business and marketing from the University of Texas in Austin to run the company. Son Soles specializes in floral design, event design, landscaping and maintenance, seeking creative partners for all other elements of an event. The company has produced floral design for events such as Growthech in Miami and IPM in Essen, Germany, and the banquet for the presentation of Pavarotti at the National Stadium in Costa Rica.

But weddings are something special. A  view of the ocean, bare feet in the sand, friends and family nearby are what a design for living, and happiness call for, and what weddings in Costa Rica deliver.

Costa Rica Beach Party


Rain Forest Party


Manuel Antonio Beach Wedding


Costa Rica Central Pacific


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