Wedding Floral Design: Elegant Rustic Chic

By Sean De Freitas

It would seem counter-intuitive, but we combined romance and a bit of country to create an elegant rustic chic wedding design. Held at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort in Florida we combined organic elements such as natural birch tree branches, dragon wood and driftwood. Fresh cut garden flowers and echevaria, crystals and candles would also play an essential role in the floral design.

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The couple exchanged vows underneath an arbor of fresh cut natural birch branches. An abundance of white white hanging delphinium, antique hydrangea, jumbo white hydrangea and assortment of garden roses was woven through the structure.

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In all, more than 5,000 stems of fresh cut flowers were used in the design!

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Floral designs and vintage family photos were also a focal décor element of the cocktail reception. Situated throughout the space were custom eight-foot topiary trees of fresh cut flowers designed on dragon wood branches and housed in oversize floor urns. Vintage furniture bookcases served as back bars for the main bar while collections of glass and metal vessels served as the ideal container for a mixture of fresh cut wildflowers and garden roses. Larger floral displays designed within stone and glass chimney pillar candle vessels were placed throughout the bar and buffet table tops. Each design comprised of a mixture of fresh cut garden roses with accents of astilbe, green hanging amaranthus, cream mini-calla lilies, spray roses, Queen Anne’s lace and wax flower.

For dinner, guests were seated at one of three custom designed dining tables within the ballroom floor plan. Each table design presented beautiful floral décor arranged within organic wood appointments and elegant crystal elements.

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The first design featured a custom-crafted wisteria vine foundation, three feet in height showcased by two crystal pedestals topped with clear Swarovski crystal jewel jars hosting floating candles. Each wisteria vine tree was embedded with a colorful assortment of custom designed floral spheres. Five varieties of lush open roses such as Pina Colada, Silvia, Proud, Mother of Pearl and White Dove along with Star Blush spray roses, extra long stemmed lavender phaleanopsis orchid sprays, Verna Pink and antique green hydrangea and green hanging amaranthus was used to create each one-of-a-kind design. The base of each tree was finished with a garden style display of blush mini calla lilies, white double ranunculus, blush/pink cymbidium orchid heads and echevaria nestled amongst fresh green moss and twisted wisteria vine. Additional Swarovski crystal Jewel jars with floating candles and an assortment of coordinating votive candles surrounded the base of each wisteria vine floral tree.

The second table design featured a 30-inch clear crystal Garnier vase placed atop a 36-inch square mirror in the center of each round table. Bleached grapevine cuttings were attached to each vase while crystal pendants were hung from the grapevine. Lucite top was placed over the cutout to create a seamless look on the table surface. Each vase with topped with a traditional full floral arrangement of antique green hydrangea, dark pink hydrangea, pink cymbidium orchid sprays, four varieties of lush open roses such as pink love, esther, quick sand and pina colada, malelueca foliage and assorted spray roses. A small base of flowers containing a pink cymbidium orchid spray and green antique hydrangea was placed within the inner confines of the crystal vase as if they were growing from within the table itself. Crystal candlesticks at varying heights were set around the table, some with floating candle glassware and others with lush rose floral spheres. An assortment of crystal footed floating candle vessels finished the design along with smaller votive candles in glass and crystal.

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The third table design was created on a custom 16-foot wooden dining table. Twisted and looped wisteria vine extended throughout the length of the table. Clear glass test tube vials were attached strategically throughout the vine and hosted an assortment of small wildflower bouquets containing Queen Anne’s lace, bullet allium, light pink lisianthus and spray roses. Each table hosted two 36-inch-tall crystal pedestals overflowing with floral designs on the tops of each. Antique Green hydrangea, orange/peach cymbidium orchid sprays, ranunculus large kaleidoscope phaleanopsis orchid sprays and four varieties of roses such as; essence, mother of pearl, pina colada and silvia along with green hanging amaranthus were used to create each stunning pedestal top. The square crystal pedestal base was surrounded a sculpted arrangement of Chablis Spray roses, antique green hydrangea and orange and peach cymbidium orchid heads. Throughout the length of the table were strategically placed cut echevarria along with an assortment of candlelight in five-inch and eight-inch Nordic cylinder vases, mercury glass votives and Desiray votive candle holders.

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The bridal table design was also on a custom 32-foot long wooden table. Twisted and looped wisteria vine extended throughout the length of the table. The centerpiece on the bridal table featured an assortment of clear, cut crystal vessels overflowing with floral designs of fresh cut phalaenopsis orchids, antique green and pink hydrangea, six varieties of roses such as; proud, silvia, pina colada, quicksand, mother of pearl and esther, green hanging amaranthus, star blush spray roses, light pink lisianthus and maleleuca foliage. A mixture of 15-inch and 12-inch crystal candlesticks topped with Rosette candle cups hosting two-inch floating candles were scattered throughout the length of the table and situated amongst the floral arrangements.

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Ten-foot diameter floral rings suspended from the ballroom ceiling created a canopy of flowers over the 16-foot-long wooden tables. Each floral ring was designed using over 1,500 stems of white dendrobium orchids, white peonies, blush cymbidium orchid sprays and blush jumbo hydrangea.This was a night filled with romance, elegance, and sophistication- with a touch of rustic chic.

Editor’s note: Sean De Freitas will be a presenter at David Merrell’s DesignDawgs VII: Trends in Event Design. At the session, which will be held Wednesday, January 7, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. at The Special Event in Anaheim, California, he will join Merrell (publisher of DesignDawgs) on stage with fellow DesignDawgs contributor Kristin Banta.

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