Unique Food Stations

Culinary Capers Catering in Vancouver cast a spell over guests that began with an extravagant beginning and ended with a sweet ending; food stations that were offered over and above a multi-course meal at an event that took its cues from A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

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caviar station

BC Northern Divine Certified Organic Sturgeon Caviar blini, toast points, crème fraîche, egg yolk, egg white, shallots, parsley

A Fully Dressed Caviar Station

The evening at the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver featured a caviar station under an arbor that Greenscape Design & Decor had decorated with lavender wisteria, white lanterns and rustic tree trunk cocktail tables and vignettes of antique furniture. To complement this, Culinary Capers designed wildflower arrangements in cedar pots and a caviar station on a wood harvest table, featuring local certified organic sturgeon caviar.

Two large tins of caviar were nestled in an ice block frozen into a rustic wooden bucket decorated with wild flowers. Servers at the station offered blinis and toast points with crème fraîche and traditional condiments presented in cedar pots decorated with wild flowers.

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Bottles of the perfect accompaniment — tequila and vodka — were displayed in ice trays with flower petals frozen in the ice.

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A Naked Dessert Buffet

Once again, in keeping with the enchanted forest theme, Culinary Capers created trees of desserts on a “floating” buffet. A six-foot square Lucite tabletop set on a large tree trunk offered all sorts of delights beginning with a four-foot high profiterole tree decorated with tuile and pink and lavender flowers and ribbons. Clear glass cake stands were set out around the table displaying stacks of profiteroles filled with pistachio and milk chocolate, raspberry and white chocolate and coconut and white chocolate.

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Surrounding this were three different tiered stacked “naked” wedding cakes (layered cakes left sans icing). Three flavor combinations included triple berry vanilla cake, lemon lime strawberry cake and chocolate raspberry cake. A second set of three trees in this dessert “forest” were made with two types of macarons, orange Grand Marnier and raspberry.

The final three dessert trees were glitter truffle topiary trees with a selection of four types and colors of truffles: gold glitter with hazelnut; violet glitter with raspberry; amethyst glitter with dark chocolate and peridot glitter with dulce de leche. All of the dessert trees and cakes were decorated with pink, pale green and lavender flowers and ribbons.

Needless to say, this was one culinary spell no one wanted to break!

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