Loving The Love Table

How Love Grows: The Beginning of a Now Iconic Table

By Rrivre Davies

The “LOVE” table has become one of the most well-known, and, dare I say, beloved rental items of Rrivre Works. And yet its beginnings were like any love connection – a little tenuous, a little serendipitous. The first one I built was actually made of metal and was made for a semi- permanent installation in front of a school to promote artistic endeavors for the students. It was stacked and said “Love Art,” which of course I do.

Hampton Bar

When the installation had run its course, the letters came back to the studio and were stored in the warehouse. I desperately wanted to send them out in the world more, but couldn’t see myself approaching my corporate clients about using them. A couple months went by and our wedding business was growing. One day, I looked up and noticed the letters L-O-V-E all lined up on a shelf, and that is when it struck me to use them as the base of a table. A pane of heavy-duty glass and voila! What began as just separate letters, grew together into LOVE!

Love table design blog

Since then, the letters have been used all together as one table, and individually – each letter representing a smaller table. The love table has been used as a sculpture on a lawn at a wedding, as an escort card table, a sweetheart table, a cake table, a candy station, and a gift table.

In fact, one very young, very funny, and very artistic bride and groom were going to use it as a gift table. They had told me that all their guests had spunk and a great sense of humor. So I sent the table over with a little sign for the top that read: “We showed you some LOVE, now show us some gifts!” They fell down laughing and actually used it! Later they told me that all their guests LOVEd it.

Love table, design blog

As far as love stories go, this is one with a happy ending, especially since the table is now available in a number of finishes, and of course, LOVE comes in many languages! Get in touch with us to find out if LOVE speak yours.


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4 comments on “Loving The Love Table

  1. trishalynsterling@yahoo.com'
    patricia 24 January, 2016 at 2:35 pm - Reply

    Do you make these tables for other ppl, I would love one

    • David E. Merrell 10 May, 2016 at 11:22 am - Reply

      Hello! These tables are available at Rivre Works here

  2. webjweddings@hotmail.com'
    Joelle C. Hadix 5 April, 2016 at 8:17 pm - Reply

    Hello I am interested in purchasing the wooden love table. Please let me know if its available and how much it would be to purchase. Thanks so much!!

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