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Ten Questions With Laura at Dish Wish

Laura Clausen is the founder of the Manhattan Beach based rental company Dish Wish. She has become an expert at the art of tablescaping as the concept is all about what’s on the table. Clausen and her styling team have become known for creating tablescape masterpieces all over Southern California and beyond. We recently caught up with her to ask her 10 Questions.

Dish Wish

Laura Clausen, the Dish Wish Girl

What’s the most important item to have at an event?

Something tangible that embodies the guest/guests of honor that is unforgettable, personal and spectacular.

What’s your favorite app of all time?

I would love a Shazam for faces but until they come out with that Instagram has connected us with so many fabulous people around the world, whats not to love?

What’s your favorite venue?

Gosh this is next to impossible. I would have to breakdown my Top Five.

  • For a blank canvas with an ocean view, outdoor scenery and plenty of places to take awesome pictures and immaculate bathrooms – Catalina View Gardens. They have vineyards, an amazing old greenhouse which makes the best backdrop for photos and a panoramic ocean view and its much less trendy than Malibu so you get a better value.
  • One of the coolest weddings we ever did was for this awesome writer who met her husband in the Last Bookstore We did a fabulous wedding for her there and it was so unique and personal.
  • If it’s a vintage wedding you are going for, I think the Carondolet House is an incredible value for your money. So many of the vignettes are already styled and save you bringing in a lot of outside rentals. They are a joy to work with which is icing on the cake.
  • For a Palm Springs wedding I think the Alcazar can be awesome. You can have a little staycation wedding with all your guests there and jump in the pool in your fancy pants when you get too hot from dancing under the stars. It’s also a really great value.
  • For an urban, contemporary feel, I really do love Skyspace. The views are spectacular. They are phasing in another portion which will have a slide down to the 66th floor… heck yeah!

Winter wedding or summer wedding?

I hate sweating (who doesn’t?) and there is something so romantic about being bundled up. I was a bridesmaid in a July wedding in Tahoe for one of my absolute best friends who is Scottish and comes from a pretty fabulous family. It was 30 degrees and we all danced in furs and the men were in kilts. It was magical.  The best part was that of the 80 women who were there we were all wearing family heirloom coats from two women, so it was like they were there in spirit too.

What favorite vacation spot inspires you the most?

I love to travel and I have done entirely too little of it lately. I love London. It has everything I could ever want and inspires me greatly. I would move there in a heartbeat. Since it’s been awhile since I have had a big getaway if I need to recharge the Parker Palm Springs is my go-to. I could definitely go for that indoor pool and fuzzy bathrobe right NOW.

Vintage or new?

To me, no event should be all new or all vintage. It’s the harmonious blending of the two that brings about a personal and interior design influenced look that makes your guests feel a part of something intimate no matter what the scale of it.

DJ or live music?

A fabulous hair band! I really missed out on being an early 20-something in the ’80s. My hair is such a waste in this non-teased era!

Sit down or buffet?

Family Style is my favorite. Gets your guests to share and talk.

Stage or screen?

Stage of course. My first job was directing 300-person musical theater performances for a non-profit. They ranged in age from 3-80. I have never felt goose bumps like I did when I stood at the back of the house and saw all 300 hundred of them on stage doing the same hand motions in unison. Every event needs theatrics and seeing something live, the passion, the sweat, it’s just so much better!

Fave design trend of all time?

 I would say my favorite event design trend has been creating juxtapositions so that the guests experience more of the unexpected.


Here’s a look at some of Dish Wish’s most recent work.

Dish Wish

dish wish

dish wish

Dish Wish

dish wish

Dish Wish

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