Ten Questions with Andrew Spurgin

Event designers have a special way of thinking. We’re interested in exploring what those thoughts look like. In doing so, we’re kicking off our Ten Questions series with event industry veteran and restaurant consultant Andrew Spurgin.
1. What’s the most important item to have at an event?
A clear and focused head.
2. What’s your favorite app of all time?
3. What’s your favorite venue?
Spencer House in London, one of the Royal’s palaces. Commissioned and built in 1756 by one of Princess Diana’s ancestors. Stunning! One of the servers thought it would be a great idea to sit on Queen Elizabeth’s throne, needless to say he was ejected by some very no nonsense military types that appeared from nowhere in literally a minute!

andrew spurgin

From Andrew’s Culinary Time Travel Series (TM), Louis XIV. Photo on left Robert Benson, on right Susie Talman.

4. Winter wedding or summer wedding?
Summer – Barefoot, a ’52 Beneteau, come to anchor, take the skiff to a white sand beach on the island of Mustique… and presto a wedding awaits (added plus, you get to stay the whole week!)

5. What favorite vacation spot inspires you the most?
Japan – Just got back from two weeks of travel and “research,” amazing people, culture, cuisine all of it!
andrew spurgin

Andrew learning to make Udon in Osaka, from Master Udon Chef Hironobu Maeyama

andrew spurgin

Fresh Hokkaido Scallops at Izakaya Sumiyaki Nishimura in Osaka

6. Vintage or new?
Duh, vintage – We love creating Culinary Time Travel events, people go mad for them, and they all dress up and misbehave!
andrew spurgin

From the Culinary Time Travel series, Louis XIV. Robert Benson Photography

7. DJ or live music?
8. Sit down or buffet?
Neither. We love creating miniature “restaurants” like Tapas bars, Izakayas and the like… think stations on steroids. Lollygag at one, have a drink, a nosh and a chat, then it’s off to experience another one… Then to the club to give that Rye and water bar a spin and  dance the night away!
9. Stage or screen?
Stage daahling, we’re all in the theater business, right?
10. Favorite design trend of all time?
This: 1966 E-type Series I 4.2-Liter Roadster
Screenshot 2015-09-17 12.50.10
There you have it! Exclusive insights into what makes Andrew Spurgin a master of his craft.  Stay tuned for more of our newest series “Ten Questions with DesignDawgs.”
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    Kalisa 27 September, 2015 at 11:22 am - Reply

    Chef… I Love this! Thank you for doing it.. we will all learn so much from you. Kalisa

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