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BlinkFX is an innovative system that involves the audience with any entertainment show through a variety of interactive light-up wristbands, lapel pins and lanyards that respond in synchronization with any content, including music.Controlled by most DMX512 lighting controllers, DMX software or BlinkFX easy GUI software running on a laptop or desktop computer, the BlinkFX system is easy to program, easy to deploy and very affordable.


This summer, user-friendly software will allow for the creation of custom routines that incorporate millions of color combinations, fades, dissolves, and flashes. The BlinkFX control system leverages industry standard DMX protocol and cabling commonly used for lighting control systems.  The WInk user devices may be branded for promotional purposes or decorated with original or licensed designs.  There are also a variety of wristband options that include both removable and non-removable styles for access control at events.  BlinkFX may also be deployed with RFID embedded wristbands and devices for more advanced access and tracking applications.

BlinkFX will be one of the new technologies covered by DesignDawgs Featured Blogger J. Damany Daniel at The Special Event. His session is Thursday, January 9, 4:30 – 6 p.m. Nashville, Tennessee, Opryland. All attendees will receive a special Event Nerd BlinkFX wristband as part of the presentation.

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