Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Snacks from Top Caterers

A Food Lover’s Guide to Super Bowl Entertaining

What do you get when you invite the country’s top caterers to a Super Bowl party and they ask, “What can I bring?” The answer? “Anything you’d like!” That’s what we said to these top caterers and their offerings have our mouths watering. Come on in and meet our fantasy catering team for this fantasy game watching party. The best part — no commercials!

Super Bowl cocktails

To start … Mojitos and Drunken Tomatoes from Good Gracious! Events. To make Drunken Tomatoes simply dip cherry tomatoes in vodka and then into a spicey-salty mix. Voila. Natural bamboo toothpicks bring them to the next level.


Every TV event needs popcorn and Culinary Crafts in Salt Lake City, Utah, elevates theirs by topping signature chocolate mousse cups with caramel corn garnish(left). And even when their popcorn goes casual, it’s dressed it up with black pepper (right).

gourmet cheese

Kathy G in Birmingham, Alabama, has brought the cheese course and it’s lovely — black-and-white-sesame-seed-encrusted goat cheese on rustic crackers.


Things start to heat up when Chris Nirschel, New York’s Culinary Bad Boy, brings his famous Buffalo Shrimp (rock shrimp in a tempura batter and finished with celery slaw and bleu cheese crumble) to the table.


And because no Super Bowl party is complete without a burger, he’s also brought his version which is bursting with flavor — house-ground brisket with a special spice blend and an infusion of bacon fat and Gorgonzola. The fries are hand cut and dusted with sea salt.

summer ideas ckg class1_resize

It’s a guys’ day, so no surprise that there are many “spudly” options, from Nirschel’s pommes frites, to John Homrighausen’s (Ranch Bakery, Cypress, Texas) vertical Potato Salad-on-a-Stick!


The bar is raised even on mac ‘n cheese which gets the gourmet treatment from Puff ‘N Stuff¬† in Tampa, and Orlando, Florida, and their Lobster ‘n Mac version.

adam gooch cupcake

For a dessert that is both gourmet and game-ready (meaning easy-to-eat as you cheer a touchdown), Adam Gooch from Purple Onion in Vienna, Virginia, has brought caramel-chocolate cappuccino cupcakes with their own (decorative) straws.

Super Bowl snacks

Finally, there is a to-go option from Good Gracious. If your team is down by 20 points and you just can’t take it anymore, you can still leave happy with a container filled with cherries, caramelized apple spring roll¬† and caramel-sesame chopsticks!

Featured photo at top: Chris Nirschel’s empanadas filled with ribeye steak, cheese curd, Spanish olives, tomatoes and American cheese and served with a house-made chimichurri sauce.

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