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Stay Connected with CORT

From tablets to cell phones and everything in between, it’s become crucial to both event planners and guests to stay connected. In fact, it’s more important than ever to stay connected to loved ones, to social media, to email, etc. One of the worst things that can happen to a guest at an event is to lose power and get disconnected. CORT Event Furnishings, the nationwide leader in furniture, lighting and accessory rentals, has introduced a new line of powered rental furniture that is sure to electrify the events industry. CORT’s solution is a great way to help guests stay connected while maintaining the décor theme of an event with sleek modern powered furniture.

stay connected

Banquette System with chargers

Enable guests to stay charged and connected with CORT powered furniture. With powered furniture that is sleek, stylish, and comfortable, searching for a wall outlet to charge your device is a thing of the past. Offerings such as the Powered Banquette Serpentine allow for flexibility and creativity in creating different seating patterns while allowing guests the opportunity to access charging outlets within the furniture.

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Naples collection with chargers

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Roma collection with chargers

Sofas, loveseats, and chairs…the possibilities are endless! So many iconic, modern, powered pieces of furniture to choose from! From the sleek, black powered Naples loveseat to the classic, white powered Roma sofa, there is a solution for every event.

stay connected

G30 Bar Table with chargers

The new powered G30 tables offer a great networking or communal table with charging outlets built into the surface. From weddings to meetings, CORT will have your event fully charged up and in style.

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Honeywood Table Lamp with charger

It’s common knowledge in the world of design that accessories can make or break a design space. Why not opt for accessories that are not only fashionable, but functional? Powered accessories can add a stylish, yet useful flair to a room. Add a modern, powered Honeywood table lamp with an A/C unit to your design space or perhaps a white gloss table lamp with A/C plug would complete your event design?

Looking for new ideas to integrate powered furniture into your next event? A big trend at weddings, banquettes, and galas has been to utilize powered furniture as comfortable charging station vignettes for guests to sit comfortably and recharge without disturbing the ambiance of an event with noisy devices.

To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit CORT Events.

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